Howard The Duck DVD £2.99 @ play/amazon

Howard The Duck DVD £2.99 @ play/amazon

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George Lucas presents this comedy adventure spectacular about a cigar chewin', beer swillin', fast talkin' duck from a parallel universe who is mysteriously sucked from his existence through space and winds up in Cleveland.

The incredible fantasy sees Howard become the object of everyone's desire, fall in love with feisty rock chick Beverly Switzler and finally do fearsome battle with the Dark Overlord as he frantically attempts to return to his own planet. Never in the history of cinema has there been a hero quite like this!

Never seen anything like it!…25/


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Amazon link…389?smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&tag=****&linkCode=asn&creative=22206&creativeASIN=B001CD3PBK

I know Im in the minority but I loved this film!

classic film

Seriously, who wants to see a duck with a dick?

Great comic book - rubbish film - good price

There's a prequel called the 'The Phantom Duck'. It's about a younger Howard when he was a duck on the edge. Much better special effects but can't match this original for story and heart. There's also this really annoying chicken that goes around saying things like 'Meesa just walked in duck doodoo'. Really is an insult to the original. Does that George Lucas guy not know when to stop tinkering?

It's a crap film and I have said so on every one of the dozen or so times I have watched it X)

Featuring the Red Hot Chilli Peppers!


Great comic book - rubbish film - good price

I have all the comics-think lucas just couldnt decide whether to go for the adult market or the kids market and ended up in no mans land-I like the film-dont think its as bad as some make out,but if only they had gone all out with the adult themes it would have been great!

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I might have to get this to watch it again, i must be mad


Featuring the Red Hot Chilli Peppers!

And, quite bizarrely, Thomas Dolby.

A guilty pleasure. I love this film.


Duck ****, … Duck ****, wahoooo

BRILLIANT - is just as terrible (and PG inappropriate) as I remember!!!!!!!!

I love this film! Brilliant!

maybe its not a man your looking for


Oscar worthy stuff, cracking film and anyone who says otherwise knows nothing about anything to do with films and thinks Emmerdale is the longest film they have ever seen!


Seriously, who wants to see a duck with a dick?

a platipus with a pussy?

This brings back memories......classic :-)

one of my favourite films growin up. all kids should be watching this

awesome film

A crap film but I had to order it :-) just to ogle the female yum yum !

It was one of my favourite films growing up, not as great these days but still a classic.

I loved that movie - its so cheesy!

lol old skool... used to love it when i was a nipper in the 80s.


Duck ****, … Duck ****, wahoooo

Man that reviewer just isn't funny

Love the film already own it on VHS and DVD.... drives me quackers !

The strange thing was when this film came out it got slammed...Watched it...its excellent .

Is that a girl on the bed? Lucky *UCK! Err.. I mean DUCK
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