Howard the Duck DVD £3.99 Pre Order

Howard the Duck DVD £3.99 Pre Order

Found 14th Oct 2008
I know this movie is soooo old but I'm positive that this is the first time its been released on DVD.

Its one of those its so bad its great movies.


it was released a couple of months ago wasnt it? i know i've got mine from germany but i'm sure it was released over here too

this one was released in February this year…427


More like Howard the Turkey : )

Got mine from some months ago for £4.99!


Mire Mare;3195866

Got mine from some months ago for £4.99!MM

£4.99 one seems to be the full uncut version according to the dvd cover.…tml

Though, both durations on both version are identical...why release another version?

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ahh sorry everyone, can just remember looking for this for my wee girl and not being able to find it anywhere so got over excited when I seen it in the upcoming list at play, lol.

LMFDO - I thought of this film for some obscure reason today - freaky!

the differences in the versions are here:…ons

In the UK two cuts totalling 46 secs were made to secure a PG rating. One is of Lea Thompson pulling a condom out of Howard's wallet, the other is of the bad guy sticking his tongue in a car cigarette lighter socket to recharge himself. Although the cuts were fully restored in 2008 for the Metrodome release the same company reissued the film later in the year with a PG certificate, and this release lost 1 min 32 secs of cuts to photo shots in a sex magazine and a scene where Howard works in a sleazy sauna parlour.


it did us a favour in stopping George directing for about 20 years

Just as bad as you remember...and the 'romance' stuff with Lea thompson and Howard...great for beastiality fans LOL. But hey its better than the Ep 2 - Attack of the Clones...

Noticed that this was shown on Sky movies today (in HD too!) and "Howard - a new breed" or something like that!
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