Hozelock Automatic Aqua Pod 10- automatic watering system rrp£65-100 - get it for £34! - instore only
Hozelock Automatic Aqua Pod 10- automatic watering system rrp£65-100 - get it for £34! - instore only

Hozelock Automatic Aqua Pod 10- automatic watering system rrp£65-100 - get it for £34! - instore only

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This is advertised at £65 instore but list price online seems to be £99.99! It should say on the shelf (written over in marker) that it is reduced to £40 this weekend, BUT its also taking off the 15% if you spend over £50 instore until monday. This is a very versatile system, and nice and veliable. I have bought a extra set this weekend, and extended it using non-branded 4mm pipe that it is supplied with.. now have all the plants around the garden, baskets, and veggies getting watered whilst I find more exciting things to do!

Offering effortless watering, the Aquapod automatically waters plants and containers and has been specially designed for 'holiday watering' and busy gardens alike.
Installation is quick and easy and takes less than five minutes. There are only four components, and each each Aquapod blends harmoniously into the patio.
The whole system uses 90% less water than normal hand held watering devices.
Each Aquapod is equipped with five hoses at the end of each one is a self-cleaning pressure regulating dripper. Each hose can be pulled out and rewound independently to suit the layout of the patio giving maximum flexibility.
Should the layout of the patio be changed it only takes two minutes to adjust the Aquapod.
Also suitable for large patios, extra Aquapods can be added in just 2 minutes with up to nine Aquapods operating from one tap.

Year Guarantee
Installs in only 5 minutes
Extremely water efficent
Saves 90% of water versus normal hand held watering devices
Quick and easy to install with only 4 component parts
Waters up to 10 pots
Includes a Water Timer with varying watering schedules - ideal for holiday watering
Also includes a pressure regulator which delivers a constant 4LPH of water to the plants
Includes 5 hoses on each Aquapod, each operated independantly
The Aquapod is designed to blend harmoniously into the patio

Linked to amazon for reference, but also gives lots of info at - garden4less.co.uk/pro…823
PS: appologies if there are any mistakes.. grateful of any guidance for future deals!


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link to the image didnt work... still learning! Could someone pop it up for me please?


Hi do you have a link to the B&Q website for further details, thx

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I couldnt find it on their website, only instore, sorry. not sure why it has a cold vote... £65 down to £34 is pretty good isnt it??

Thanks for posting - I've used this system for about 2yrs with no problems. I don't think anyone ever realistically retails it for £99 though. I seem to remember picking mine up for about £40 on a 10% day at Homebase (although they no longer seem to be stocking them for some reason). £34 is reasonable and probably what the RRP should be in the first place.

It's good for holiday watering, if using in a confined space be aware that the 'pods' are a little unsightly and the other drip watering system manufactured by Hozelock (without the pods) would probably be more suited.

Thanks for this, just what I was after. Also found the extension kits reduced to £10 for the pod one and £6.78 for the hanging basket one (plus a further 15% off)
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