Hozelock compact pressure washer 100 + FREE Patio Cleaner (inc. discounting error) £46.48 in-store @ B&Q

Hozelock compact pressure washer 100 + FREE Patio Cleaner (inc. discounting error) £46.48 in-store @ B&Q

Found 3rd Apr 2010
Bit of a strange one this - B&Q have a 15% off garden this weekend - so this £59.98 pressure washer is now £50.98 both online and in store:


But... In the Blackburn store today they have THIS patio cleaner (at least, this appears to be the same one onilne at £49.98) advertised as £25.48 - but FREE when you buy the pressure washer.


Now... when you Buy it, the Pressure washer scans correctly at £50.48, and the Patio Cleaner at £25.48 BUT it deducts £29.98 (for no obvious reason!)

This means you get Both the items in the links above for just £46.98.

I'd add an image had I not already chucked mine into the shed! I do have a receipt to prove this, but, its hard to know whether this is national or not (the Offer signs looked Store-Made)

**edit** ok - it occurs to met hat the £25.48 was the £29.98 price discounted - even though the Pressure washers price hadn't been adjusted, at its not the proper RRP as per the website anyway, Bit of a jumble...


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Thanks... so why did Mine not show as links? (Was JUST trying to figure that out!

Any comments on the performance of this unit and also of the patio cleaner?

Has anybody else got the whole thing at this price? Might nip to Manchester Fort now and try get this... dont want it if the patio part aint free too tho...

I would try and get a Karcher with a dirtblaster &/or T Racer included for patio work


Only problem with these cheap washers is getting parts if they break, you dont have that problem with a Karcher you can get parts and extra attachments easily

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But, it is of course a Known brand, not like some of the unbranded stuff (which to be honest has served me well in the past)

You've done well with the karcher with the patio cleaner for £76 though - I Was originally looking at getting a karcher via one of the ideal world offers, as they had been the cheapest With the patio add-on that I could find.

This one here though is both Tiny (great as it will spend much more time taking up room than being used!) and stores all its bits and pieces on the back (more details here: hozelock.com/car…tml ) so a pretty nifty buy for £30 cheaper than even that bargain Karcher...

That link also contains a link for the Hozelocks spare parts people, not that I've ever had a Hozelock product break... yet.

Yes Hozelock is a known brand but can you easily get bits like you can with a Karcher is most DIY shops ? , the Hozelock is cheap but sometimes its wortt paying a bit more, funboi123 asked about a patio cleaning and i think the Karcher would be better, washing a car etc the Hozelock one would be more suitable :thumbsup:

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Actually, I've used the Karcher basic patio cleaner (T50?), and found it a lot less Substantional than this Hozelock one (this seems to have a better arm on it, handle top (for wall cleaning ease I assume). But of course, there'll no doubt be many different karcher ones (like their Nightmarishly complicated and huge range of washers), so I'm sure Karcher have something that beats this.

As to accessories, Hozelocks distribution network for its range of Hose stuff I would guess competes pretty strongly with Karcher availability. But then, if you're the type to want a Fully featured pressure washer for Many uses, I'd have thought you'ld buy a Bigger pack in the first place, rather than try to stretch something like this - which I personally would'nt have bought if I was after something for more than occasional use - horses for courses - this is ideal for what I need, at a steal of a price...

Just did a quick check - B&Q onilne have 139 hozelock products, 12 Karcher ones. And - given its the same system, I'd assume Most of the Hose attachments will be usable with the pressure washer (though perhaps not advisable in some cases! Probably blow the end off some of them. :D)

Sorry i didnt realise the Hozelock had the Tracer included must read posts better

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This is the closest to a Mac / PC thread I've ever been in...

I somehow feel I've gained no kudos from being a Hozelock fanboy at all...

Just wanted to say thanks broke my mums pressure washer this afternoon so checked on here for a lsiting and found this one. Been and got one of these from Blackpool B&Q 30 mins after it was listed, and I now have half a clean garden path ready to finish tomorrow. Seems great performance, especially for the price and for what i'll use it for, washing a path once or twice a year and washing my cars.

Thanks for listing!

Thanx for the help guys and the time take to type all that info. Does the patio attachment help when cleaning deck boards..

I always make the mistake of calling my decking the patio. But I was actually talking about scrubbing my decking boards and then giving them a coat of some wood sealant...

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The patio cleaners are all basically just a T shaped nozzle that spins around, meaning instead of one big blast of water, you get 2 (sometimes more) smaller sprays that cover a lot more area.

I suspect it would clean decking even better than a normal nozzle, as you'ld have to make sure you followed the decking grooves to clean inbetween them, the patio cleaner would catch more angles.

Nice one, will look tomorrow

******, borrowed a Karcher to do my drive and its packed in! Motor stays on when I let go of the trigger, and even when I turn the switch off! Have to unplug it to make it stop, guess I need to replace theirs before I buy my own

I just bought one of these - a super price.

It's as good as the Karcher one I borrowed a couple of years ago (don't know the model but am sure it cost more than £46!).

Does anyone know if it is compatible with accessories from other vendors?
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