Hozelock Easyclear 3000 £39.99 @ Sainsburys Direct

Hozelock Easyclear 3000 £39.99 @ Sainsburys Direct

Found 9th Jan 2010
The Hozelock EasyClear 3 in 1 Clearwater and Fountain Pump is the answer for all pond enthusiasts. Position the fully integrated unit (containing UVC, filter and pump) in your pond to guarantee beautiful, clear, healthy water.

Suitable for ponds up to 3000 litres, the EasyClear also functions as an attractive, anti-clog fountain head. With three display options (two tier, three tier and bell formations), the head extension is segmented to suit a variety of pond depths. The filter has tool free access for cleaning and is fully integrated with UVC, mechanical and biological action.

The Hozelock EasyClear 3in1 Clearwater and Fountain Pump carries a 3 year manufacturer's guarantee.

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good price
Our pond is frozen. Have to lift the ice off the thin patch at least once a day. Poor fish.

Our pond is frozen. Have to lift the ice off the thin patch at least once … Our pond is frozen. Have to lift the ice off the thin patch at least once a day. Poor fish.

OMG my friend said they hibernate so i havent done anything (just moved into the house and pond was already there!)

Am i killing them??

i stopped seeing them when it started getting colder and the local petstore said they hibernate too
I think they will be ok as they do go into a semi hibernate state , I tend to break the ice with a hammer as someone once told me.
a hammer?

Seriously, this is a massively bad idea. The shock of the ice breaking in this way COULD kill your fish.

Get a tennis ball (or tennis balls if you have a larger pond) and leave it floating in you pond. This should stop the pond from freezing over.

If you have a pump running, try to place it as close to the top of the water as possible. If the pump is at the bottom, it will be pulling in the warmer water (water at top of pond will be colder than the water at the bottom), running it through your filter and back into the pond, all the while being cooled by the air temperature. Your fish will probably be floating just above the bottom of the pond as the water will be slightly warmer.

If your pond does ice over, boil a kettle and create ahole in the ice with the boiling water. Do not allow the pond to ice over for anything more than a few days (at most) and never break the ice using a hammer (or similar tool). Can't remember where I read this but breaking the ice with a hammer feels the same for fish as someone hitting you with a baseball bat. Thats one of the reasons why pet shops have signs telling you not to tap the glass.
OMG now I'm worried :shock:

I turn my pump off in the winter , I hope there's nothing wrong with that aswell.
no worries there, just remember to switch it on again when the temps get above 2/3 degrees.
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