Hozelock Green Power Thermal Weeder £49.99 with code at Amazon

Hozelock Green Power Thermal Weeder £49.99 with code at Amazon

Found 4th Jun 2017
Code NowItsSummer at the checkout brings it down to £49.99 instead of £59.99. Free postage, also on Prime.
The code can be used on all Summer essentials see this link for full details: amazon.co.uk/b/r…M3E

Provides a unique way to control weeds on driveways, paths and patios without the need to use chemicals
Delivers a thermal shock to the weed (up to 600ºC)
Destroys the plant cells and the weed in just a few seconds
Protective shield for precise and targeted treatment
Safe and easy-to-use: no chemicals
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i would use a boiling water instead
Please can someone tell me why it's getting voted as cold? It's a lot cheaper than anywhere else. I've just ordered one for my Father in law who has limited movement and thought it would help him in the garden. If they're no good please tell me why as i need a present for his birthday on Friday! If it's the price that's cold tell me where is cheaper so i can send it back please? Cheers
Edited by: "clairebearb" 4th Jun 2017
Thanks for the great amazon code.
Clairebearb, take no notice. It's a great price and a handy thing to have if you, or someone you know takes pride in their outside space and might not be as nimble as they once were. Voted hot from me!
I've not voted either way at the moment, but a genuine question from me - why would one buy a corded electric version over a butane lance type burner (which is also about 20% of the price)?
At first glance, it seems like a lot more hassle to achieve the same effect, but I'm hoping that someone can enlighten me please!
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