Hozelock Ultra Metal 14 Hose Gun - £12.44 Delivered @ Amazon
Hozelock Ultra Metal 14 Hose Gun - £12.44 Delivered @ Amazon

Hozelock Ultra Metal 14 Hose Gun - £12.44 Delivered @ Amazon

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Thought this looked a very good deal - reviews are all superb and this is a fair bit cheaper than anywhere else. Nice upgrade for any gardeners out there to get your watering in before the inevitable hose pipe ban

Please note this is the high quality metal version!

Ultra 14 spray gun combines fantastic looks, comfortable soft touch ergonomics with a range of genuinely useful, class-leading spray patterns. Features patented infinitely variable trigger flow control--the harder you squeeze the more water you get--and a two-stage locking trigger: lock at 100% flow and 40% flow. Comes with six spray patterns: Powerful Jet for cleaning, Fast Fill for filling up buckets and watering cans, Fine Mist for seedlings, High Definition Nickel Overplated Brass Rose for gentle watering, Fan Spray for rinsing soap off cars, and Cone Spray for delicate watering.


Bought this from Amazon a few weeks ago for a similar price. First one leaked badly but they quickly swapped it out, and the replacement is flawless.

The "14" features is tenuous at best, but as a good solid metal hose gun that's likely to last a while and is comfortable to use (once you get past the hefty weight) it's great. It's chalk and cheese compared with my Tesco own brand one I bought last year which didn't last the winter.

Have yet to work out what I'd ever use the flow rate asjustment for, but hot from me!


cracking. just broken my cheap one from wilkos. good timing for me and a quality item. cheers

Had one of these for almost 2 years and would buy another when this one gives up.

Perfect timing. Thanks

I got a similar metal one from Homebase for slightly more than this and it is a massive improvement over the plastic ones I've had before. Best of all, you can leave the hose tap on and the gun doesn't leak everywhere between uses.

got one,looks pricey but had enough of putting my thumb over the end !

reviews look good and being metal should last !

cheers op

Giving the metal bits a spray of WD40 helps to stop them oxidizing over the winter.

Bought one on e*** a couple of years ago after our plastic Hozelock one broke at the seam. This one is much more robust and well worth the extra. I paid less than £10 though.

Cheers, ordered

excellent product. I have been using mine for the last couple of weeks. Extremely sturdy and handy having the different settings

Arrived today - nice bit of kit.

Got one from Fleabay this year for a tenner, great piece of kit

£18 now damn

Reflecting the sudden demand amazon price has increased but still available on E Bay for under a tenner including delivery!


Where, cant find it for under a tenner!

Found it - im a twit lol

Thanks, Vicki

Consistantly available on eBay for less than £10 delivered

any links? getting 15 here buy it now


any links? getting 15 here buy it now

just search hozelock ultra metal 14


any links? getting 15 here buy it now

Item number 320539850679 is the cheapest - £9.44 delivered


Item number 320539850679 is the cheapest - £9.44 delivered

thats not the same item
try item no 320539509531 for £9.75 delivered!


thats not the same itemtry item no 320539509531 for £9.75 delivered!

oops :oops:
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