HP 14-an010na Laptop 14" £229 @ Tesco Outlet (Ebay)

HP 14-an010na Laptop 14" £229 @ Tesco Outlet (Ebay)

Found 24th Jul 2017
Here you have a HP 14" laptop with a powerful AMD processor, 8GB RAM and 1TB. Sold by Tesco Outlet on Ebay, it is refurbished with a 12 month tesco outlet warranty for peace of mind.
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Specs: support.hp.com/gb-…433

CPU is the 15W version (the A6-7310 can be configured from 12 to 25 W)


Cold for me I'm afraid.

- 1366 x 768 resolution
- likely TN or VA panel screen
- glossy/reflective coating on screen
- slow 5400rpm HDD
- wireless N only rather than wireless AC
- only 3-cell, 31 Wh Li-ion battery
- no guarantee re battery life length (ie it's only guaranteed to "hold a charge")
- very heavy for a 14" laptop at 1.94kg

One of the several Chinese laptops that people have been posting on here recently eg. Jumper EZBook 3 Pro represents a much better deal IMO if you're looking for something around £200.
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There is no such thing as a powerful AMD mobile processor, until Zen has lower TDP models.
Expect Atom level cpu performance
mikehunt6918 h, 44 m ago

There is no such thing as a powerful AMD mobile processor, until Zen has …There is no such thing as a powerful AMD mobile processor, until Zen has lower TDP models.Expect Atom level cpu performance

You are prejudiced but have no clue really.
77777774 h, 40 m ago

You are prejudiced but have no clue really.

He's not far off actually - AMD have been very poor in the mobile space.

The A6-7310 here for example is pretty low end in terms of performance:

"Based on the Cinebench scores, the A6 can be roughly placed between Intel's low-cost Braswell CPU in the Aspire ES1-731 and the Pentium 3825U in Lenovo's G70-80 - apart from the single-core performance, the 3825U calculates a good 50% faster. It even outperforms AMD's A10-8700P in HP's Pavilion in this partial test. Intel's i5-ULV CPU in Lenovo's B70-80 is in a completely different league."

I have a cheap Lenovo with FX 7500, i also have tablet with a cherry trail x5 z8300 , the performance is just incomparable. Unlike the Atom,the FX is far from being sluggish, a very good ulv processor, more than enough in most tasks (usually ms office, chrome with multiple tabs, musescore, Sibelius, gimp, audacity, nothing very processor intensive but still some strength is required).

I was reluctant and very reserved to buy the lenovo and tbh the low price made me going for it. Once I actually tried it, I was impressed.
Surely, nowhere near my i7 desktop but absolutely fine for what I use my laptop for.
Atom of similar generation on the other hand, is just unusable.

My older hp with upgraded CPU ( A4 to a10-5750, + ram and good ssd drive ) is also going strong.

Both AMD were supposed to be the underdogs, rather inefficient and badly performing, that's certainly not the case with the 2 I have tried.They are fine.

I do not put much trust in benchmarks, too many times the badly designed cooling, power supply or poor mobo fail to show what the CPU is really worth.The performance could also be easily manipulated as no one advise who sponsors the review.
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