HP 2133 Mini-Note , 8.9", 1.2GHz. 1GB DDR2, 120GB HDD, Vista Business £224.25 delivered @ SCAN

HP 2133 Mini-Note , 8.9", 1.2GHz. 1GB DDR2, 120GB HDD, Vista Business £224.25 delivered @ SCAN

Found 18th Mar 2009
I realise that there have been a million posts on this mini notepad pc, but it looks like most of those had Linux installed, whereas this one at SCAN has Vista Business.

£224.25 delivered for those of us with free delivery (Hexus/Avforums/i29)

Processor - VIA C7-M 1.2 GHz ULV
RAM - 1 GB (installed) / 2 GB (max) - DDR2 SDRAM - 667 MHz ( 1 x 1 GB )
Hard Drive - 120 GB - Serial ATA-150 - 5400 rpm
Operating System - Microsoft Windows Vista Business
Screen - 8.9' TFT 1280 x 800 ( WXGA )
Graphics - VIA Chrome9
Bluetooth - Yes
Notebook Camera - Integrated
Warranty - 1 year warranty





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I don't mind the cold votes guys....but at least give a reason if its not a very good deal!

Seems a great deal to me!

Hot vote from me, apart from a pretty good spec in comparison to other deals for notebooks i like the sound of the aluminium body

Just tried voting hot, but it didnt let me

Is it a mis-price?
When I click on it, it changes to £298.94:o


Is it a mis-price?When I click on it, it changes to … Is it a mis-price?When I click on it, it changes to £298.94:o

You have to click on the link next to it on the deal of the day page to get the lower price,


You have to click on the link next to it on the deal of the day page to … You have to click on the link next to it on the deal of the day page to get the lower price,

OK! Voted HOT:thumbsup:

What we think: "The 2133 is the most attractive and easiest to use of all laptops in its class, but it's appallingly slow"

Follow link for full review: reviews.cnet.co.uk/lap…htm

It is still in stock - why has this expired?

Sexy looking machine but I imagine the cold votes are for the Via processor. Atoms are pretty common now.

No vote either way from me; I have seen this and it is indeed very nice but I got the Medion Akoya 10" which is lovely!

My findings on this netbook has been mixed. First impressions were very favourable with the sturdy aluminium case providing excellent protection and provides a strong platform for typing, eschewing keyboard flex. The keyboard itself is nothing short of remarkable. As well as virtually no flexing, the keys respond with great feedback and typists can actually feel a slight click (birngs back the halcyon days of the original IBM keyboards that were so good to type on). The same can not be said of the track pad. Although responsive and accurate there is too much pointer movement on the default settings. Fortunately this can be mitigated by reducing the pointer sensitivity resulting in very smooth and accurate feedback. Unconventionally the touchpad buttons are placed to the left and right of the touchpad rather than underneath and this takes getting used to. I hated this at first but learnt to adapt to this orientation.

The screen is a gloss coated screen and is very awkward to see under lighting, even dim lighting. People who prefer aesthetics over functionality will enjoy the screen (and also the minibook's looks) but looks do NOT make for a good laptop. Furthermore, this minibook is NOT designed for movie playback so why has HP opted for a gloss coated screen rather than a matte screen - it totally defies belief? Having said that, backlighting is very even (which is expected from a small screen).

The performance of this laptop is dismal with benchmark ratings around 40% slower than a 1.6 Ghz Z530 Atom based minibook. Even worse is the S3 Chrome graphics which can be best described as appallingly slow. DVD playback resulted in regular missed frames and even youtube videos did not play without the odd missed frame and jerkiness. Using ffdShow for DVD playback and optimising the Operating System did result in better playback performance but far from being ideal though. As a challenge, I installed Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit (64 bit will not install on this minibook as the processor does not support 64 bit instruction sets). I was pleasantly surprised that it was capable of opening and running single applications reasonably well. The CPU load does tend to reach 100% when opening applications but soon settles down to a more respectable load. Typically, Visual Studio 2008 opened up in a minute and the results were similar for Microsoft Office applications. Opening up more than one application at once really did tax this machine but in mitigation, it was not designed for this.

If anyone is buying this machine it is worth considering that the Atom powered NetBooks provide far better performance but the build quality, keyboard and relatively large hard drive makes this netbook a decent choice for running single applications. As for that gloss coated screen, it's just too reflective.

I've ordered one - its a good deal for the vista version but I will downgrade it to xp when it arrives (apparently it comes with the xp disc if you want to uninstall vista)


Thanks OP - repped

[FONT="Verdana"]Confirmed that the deal is still available off of the 'Today Only' deal's page - getting to the checkout now on their website comes up with the following cost breakdown (note that I'm not a member of the forum that was listed in the deal by the OP).

Net Total: £195.00p
Carriage: £9.99p
VAT: £30.75p
Total: £235.74p

Cheers, Scotty Boy! :thumbsup:[/FONT]

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Ok...what numbnuts expired this????? Its still available....and probably will be until lunchtime when they change the deals!

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Is it a mis-price?When I click on it, it changes to £298.94:o

did you not read my entire original post...in which I mentioned how to get it at the "Today Only" price...and that if you click on the item itself, it will show the higher price????

Obviously not...:oops:

For those who missed this deal it247 are doing the linux version for £199.95 delivered....

Received the one in original offer today, ive upgraded it to 2GB Ram and i'm well pleased with it so far.
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