HP 250 G6 Intel Pentium N3710 4GB 256GB SSD 15.6 Inch Full HD Windows 10 Laptop @ Laptops Direct - £317.97

HP 250 G6 Intel Pentium N3710 4GB 256GB SSD 15.6 Inch Full HD Windows 10 Laptop @ Laptops Direct - £317.97

Found 26th Nov 2017
  • 15.6 Inch Screen
  • Intel Pentium N3710 Processor
  • 256GB SSD
  • 4 GB RAM
    1920 x 1080 Resolution

OK so not many of us can have the moon on the stick and you certainly ain't getting it here folks, think of this of more as tasty sausage on a stick that has slightly exceeded its best before date.

So what's the good news:

256GB SSD - For this money oh I love you fishy!
4GB RAM - OM...G. er we'll skip this...

Bad News

Remember that sausage? Wasn't great as it was supposed to taste? Well let's wash it down with a potato for a CPU. Yes the CPU is OK it will do all that's required but it's not a 7th gen monster, damn sometimes you just have to suck those lemons people.

Will this laptop be quick enough for daily use? Will Chrome die on its butt, probably not unless you have too many tabs open on your Brazzers subscription. Will Dangermouse escape from the dastardly Baron Greenback's lair, hmm no that was 1981, flashbacks people they're bad.

Would I buy this laptop? Well I would tell some one else to buy it and I have
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death to pentium
Heat for the description.
Edited by: "paulandpam1" 26th Nov 2017
Haha love the description!!!
I will consider this for my daughter I think it's plenty good enough for her uses
CPU isn't as bad as the majority that Argos are peddling in their similarly priced deals, but comes in just under 2000 on the benchmark scores:

Such a shame that all these ~£300 laptops are a bit hit and miss in the spec. Processor is pretty much the least upgradeable part of the laptop, but this will do the job for perhaps a teenager that is only superficially concerned about having an SSD or FHD screen, yet is unlikely to use it for anything more than everyday tasks.
Great deal!
Charming opening post - voted hot.
Great description, OP we love you.

Hmmm pretty much meets the requirements for a hot vote, so heat from me but we know that this CPU will irritate some though because they need some reason to vote cold other than just admitting they vote cold on everything, regardless of the actual product.

Also it should get a hot vote for not being a Gearbest/Aliexpress/TomKnob/PlopPlop Chinese retailer conquering the would with cheap crap, but I digress.
Edited by: "spannerzone" 26th Nov 2017
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