Hp 350/351 combo ink asda £6.25

Hp 350/351 combo ink asda £6.25

LocalFound 26th Jul 2013
Hp 350/351 combo ink, cheapest I've seen, asda Stockport
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was it in the reduced area ?? ..or is it national ? great deal !!
hp 351 ink ..... is £14.97 just checked online
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It was with all the other inks.
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Yer the colour ink was the original price, the black was £10.
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There still £22 online
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thx for the picture !! Will have to get down there....was it that price on the shelf ..or is it a price glitch ??
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It was the price on the shelf so wasn't a mistake.
Just drove to the Stockport store for one and they were completely Sold Out, tried the Hyde store on my way back and they had loads but they scanned at £25, so it seems its store specific.
YES....just phoned my local Gt yarmouth store ..they had them on the shelves at £25...so agreed store specific.
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Wonder why they only put them down at one store x
A huge saving tip ....instead of going to the store ..why not phone them ..they will check it out ..and asda are really good, they offer to keep it set aside ..for when I can get there !
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Yer I usually phone before I go.
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