HP 415g Baked Beans 4pk @ ASDA £1
HP 415g Baked Beans 4pk @ ASDA £1

HP 415g Baked Beans 4pk @ ASDA £1

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415g Baked Beans 4 pack for £1, spotted in-store, don't know if it is online.



HP Beans are 4 for £1 online.


HP Beans are 4 for £1 online.

heinz are the best - hp are rank in compairson

I think hot deals for Asda should be banned! This offer must yet again be a regional deal as both my local asdas are charging full price!

if you cant get this sainsburys are doing 8 for £3

which i didnt thinks to bad


HP Beans are 4 for £1 online.

It really ****** me off when you get someone saying other brands are cheaper, it's like saying water is cheaper than beer !

Great price for HEINZ....£1 for 4 HP shyte is right

Heat added !

Indeed - the reduced salt/sugar ones just don't taste 'right'. I tried them to be slightly healthier salt-wise (I usually watch my salt intake) but not worth it.

Although I think their tomato ketchup (reduced salt/sugar) is fine - probably cos you tend to use less of it as a portion.

yay! *farts*

full price in my local asda. must be regional.

Full price here - clearly region specific

32p for single tins of heinz in morrisons which is half price if u dont want 4

:thumbsup: i think you have confused this with the HP Beans offer as i have just returned from ASDA, Leyton Mills, London

slow day is it?..

full price at my asda Tamworth as well just done my shopping

full price Asda Dagenham. As they are for all of the offers that are posted here:x

Full price here same regional **** again

full price in Asda Stafford

same here

I dashed off to ASDA in gloucester and the beans are full price

Just toast for my dinner then tonight

Spar are selling Branston x 4 for a £1 , better sauce.....

Full price in Asda Newton Mearns, Glasgow too, so dont understand why its so hot if it quite clearly according to numerous other posts, is so store specific!

they are £1 in asda wakefield just BEAN and got some lol

nice change from 'heinz' to 'hp' in the title...


nice change from 'heinz' to 'hp' in the title...

Yeah, looks like the OP wasted a lot of peoples time with this one. Shame.

Why do people rate 'HOT' for the sake of it?

I wait until I know this is a real deal, then vote.

If a person cant differentiate between HEINZ & HP.........

FULL price in PLYMOUTH store too!

my mum loves me to overdose with these

save money on air freshner


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