hp black five day deal - HP ENVY 15-as103na Laptop £719

hp black five day deal - HP ENVY 15-as103na Laptop £719

Found 21st Nov 2016
HP ENVY 15-as103na Laptop

seems a good deal, 3 year warranty included. latest i7, all metal body. ssd plus 1tb hdd.
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Why is this being voted cold?
Maybe because it's a dual core low voltage i7 and fairly standard specs. alot of better laptops out there for under the 700 mark. if it was 4k with dedicated graphics would be a deal
I don't think it comes with a 3 year warranty for that price?
full HD ips screen and 8gb DDR4 ram. thats hot
Dual core low voltage i7 makes relatively low performance but it has been highly priced, and the attached 5400 rpm SATA is not going to save any accidental, physical damage to valuable data (as most people tend to put OS only on SSD, which is only 128 GB in this laptop). Maybe FHD IPS and 8G DDR4 did some goods, but their advantages might be balanced by above disadvantages and the high price.
Last week that laptop was going for £600, that is a cheeky move by Hp
Sadly, people with pre-concieved ideas and a tiny bit of knowledge have been sniping at the OP here.

Setting aside the value of this deal, the CPU happens to be the first Kaby Lake model I have seen.
Although it has a -u suffix, it is actually a VERY quick processor and it is the fastest ever that draws only 15W. Try looking it up on notebookcheck.net.
I am impressed enough to be looking for this CPU in the future. 15W means it will give superb battery life as well as pretty sharp performance.
I bought it earlier and is now out of stock. quidco was down otherwise would have tried that option too. How do I check previous prices as when it's delivered if the price changes to 600 next week I'll ask for refund or return the item unopened.
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