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Posted 10 September 2022

HP DeskJet Plus 4130e All-in-One Wireless Inkjet Printer & 9 Months Instant Ink £59.99 @ Currys

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9 Months of free printing for upto 700 pages per month is really good to save a small fortune if you need to print frequently.

You can use FREEINK to get additional month.

Product information
Product code: 680766
All-in-one with WiFi

Print, scan and copy with the HP DeskJet Plus 4130e All-in-One Wireless Inkjet Printer. It has a 35-page auto-feeder that will help you get through your jobs faster. And it comes with built-in WiFi, so you can use it without needing to plug it into your computer.

Works with your smartphone

The HP Smart app lets you manage printing and scanning from your phone - you can even scan documents with your phone camera and send mobile faxes. Set-up is easy - simply pair your device with the printer and you're ready to go.

Enabled with HP+

The cloud-connected DeskJet Plus 4130e is enabled with HP+, which gives you extra printer benefits, such as automatic detection and fixing of connection issues. This makes the printer more up-to-date and secure. You even get more advanced options through the HP Smart app on your phone, such as easy multi-page document scanning, mobile fax and productivity features.

Includes 9 months of HP Instant Ink

Thanks to Instant Ink with HP+, you can save up to 70% on original HP Ink and up to 50% on toner. Cartridges are automatically ordered by your printer when you are running low and delivered to your door. Plans start from 99p per month for 10 pages.

The service works on how many pages you print, not how much ink you use. Choose between 10, 50, 100, 300 or 700-page monthly plans - unused pages roll over to the next month. The price includes ink, shipping and cartridge recycling.

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  1. Avatar
    Don't but HP!

    This printer will ONLY accept HP ink cartridges because it comes with Digital Rights Management (DRM).

    Also tries to get you into a subscription to use the "HP+" feature as its only free for 9 months.

    Avoid HP like the plague, awful scummy company.
    thats not quite true. I have one and it uses other ink (non HP) but says they are low all the time. I just use them until they noticeably run out when printing. I'm happy with this.
  2. Avatar
    Not sure why you would want to buy non HP cartridges if you buy one of these and subscribe to instant ink? For me, it's been the best printer I've ever had. OK, I'm a light user, but with plans ranging from 99p for 10 prints, then £2.99 for 50, £4.49 for 100, I can't see how it would be cheaper buying your own carts.

    I pay nothing for my ink never had, since buying the printer for £39 iirc in June 2019. Following 12 months free instant ink, I get 15 pages free per month.

    I get it may not suit everyone, but for light users it's a good deal.
    Same here. I've had a my HP printer for a good wee while now and the free 15 colour pages a month's been a godsend. The carts get delivered well in time too.
  3. Avatar
    What I don't like about the Hp offer is if you cancel your ink subscription it doesn't matter if your ink cartridges are still full they will not work.
    So you have to sign up to at least one of their monthly subscriptions for the printer to keep working.
    thats not quite true. I have one and it uses other ink (non HP) but says they are low all the time. I just use them until they noticeably run out when printing. I'm happy with this.
  4. Avatar
    Avoid like hell. Stopped working after free ink subscription expired. Next to impossible to use non-branded cartridges, lot of wifi issues. Avoid HP
  5. Avatar
    I have to agree with Mahir_Uddinth3, ink tanks or other manufacturers equivalents are the way to go. I had a couple of reasonably good HP AIO printers, both purchased with 12 months subs. I had so many problems with the cartridges not working and occasionally not arriving on time. Additionally so many pages of my allowance were wasted by said cartridge problems printing maintenance printouts.

    Whilst my Epson ink was more than double the price of the HPs and isn’t as full of ‘bells a whistles’ it works! I also won’t have to think about ink replacement for a long, long time.

    For anyone concerned with the environment, although printing isn’t good if you need to print don’t use HP instant ink. The printers are designed as through away technology, often cheaper to buy a new printer with sub than a subscription only. They use ink cartridges and although they may be recyclable, how much impact does producing, posting to the customer and back to HP (or to landfill as you don’t have to return) create?

    Overall I can’t but not vote this deal hot as for a printer with 12 months warranty and a minimum of 9 months ink is a bargain! There are just better options out there.
    Which Epson one did you go with? Currently deciding which way to jump but will need a printer soon. Thank you.
  6. Avatar
    Ink tank printers are the best imo. Initial printer may be a bit more expensive than a normal inkjet printer but the supplied ink usually pays for itself. Refills are bottles of ink which are cheap and last thousands of prints. I have the epson et 3700 and would recommend it.
    OK, this can be complicated, but for simplicity sake, "CIS (Continuous Ink Systems)" are usually the most economical if you're a high volume user. However, "Ink Tank" systems like Epson make are a good compromise if you're a home or small office volume printer. Volume is the key word here or the printer could clog if infrequently used.
    Lower volume users will probably be better with other solutions.
    Having owned/ used numerous printers (probably 30+) over 40 years from most manufacturers & types, both on a personal & professional level (graphic designer), including a "thermal wax", "dot matrix" and "golf ball" printers (yes, they are/ were real), I'd say there's no such thing as generalised "best". Different brands, specs, factors, your circumstances & use all mean different needs & results.
    This printer is fine for basic snaps on coated photo paper or homework on "regular" paper or printing out letters etc though. Anything else & you'll need to do your homework for your own specific combination of needs, compromises & budget.
  7. Avatar
    Also, anyone with access to discounted Curry’s gift cards (online & in store) may be able to get a further discount of 5-7% or more (around £3 - £4.20 or more
  8. Avatar
    Same issues like some mentioned. My current HP printer constantly shows low on ink and I know it is not true as I hardly print. Also, it doesn't print well due to alignment issues and is wasting paper. I would not buy an HP again.
    Inkjet cartridge dry out by itself as time goes. They do not last. Your printer report low on ink is probably geniune.

    And in the process it can block the nozzle.

    The problem is to all inkjet printers, not just HP. I had quite a few inkjet died due to the same thing one after another in a few years.

    I fed up and invested in a laser printer. Never such a problem anymore.

    For inkjet if you print infrequently, you would not know next time switch on if it will have ink to print, or it will print at all.
  9. Avatar
    Where do you end the student beans code?
  10. Avatar
    That auto feeder, can it be used for scanning multiple pages? Or it's only for printing?
    Printing only.
  11. Avatar
    I've just started my teacher training this month, after a change in career (was a data analyst previously at a school),
    Can anyone tell me if this is a decent deal and worth investing in? Probably won't print more than 50 a month, plus it gets rolled over next month. Just not sure if the price has been lower previously or higher?
    Data analysts are in high demand in the private sector and can command very substantial salaries. Why on earth did you go into teaching? Why not just brush up some of your analyst skills and double your money outside of education?
  12. Avatar
    Just seen possible 15% cashback via TCB on HP printers.
  13. Avatar
    The cheapest way to print is a refillable ink printer, all three manufacturers have one HP, Canon or the original Epsom. All come with 3 years with if ink in the box. You can get one for around the £150 mark. Cheaper when on clearance and a new model is coming out.

    The advantage when you do need ink it’s around £10 a bottle for 70ml in colour. Which is more than 6 cartridges worth.

    Alternatively get a laser, brother I agree is the best. Samsungs gone, it’s now owned by HP.

    If you can be bothered to refill then Lexmark is good.
    The HP ink tank range does have an advantage over the other two brands in that it is the only one that uses removable cartridges (ink is pumped from the tank into the cartridges) meaning if their are any clogged nozzle issues or really bad print qaulity issues you can simply replace them with two new ink tank cartridges. Where as the other two companys use non removable nozzles which if they get clogged often need to be syringed with a cleaning solution.
  14. Avatar
    I got HP for couple of years but extremely unhappy - constant issues with "print spooler" so rarely can print anything as printer either not found or only printing half a page!
  15. Avatar
    You can get damage box from ebay curry's clearance for around £40 withi 9 months free ink using the eBay 20% off code (edited)
    Post it as a deal! Saving £20 is a lot! Hopefully they have a lot of stock!
  16. Avatar
    If you're only printing B&W, I really suggest an extra £50 for a Brother/Xerox laser printer. We run a small business and haven't replaced the toner in 2 years. Its also super easy to setup.
    For Black and white printing it's definitely a Brother laser printer all the way!
  17. Avatar
    So essentially 11 months free Instant ink (extra month with generic code FREEINK, and yet another extra month with a refer-a-friend unique code (that we're not permitted to post with these deals)). That's incredibly good value, especially if you need to use several hundred pages per month. Simply drop to a lower monthly page limit before your free months are up if your actual usage is less than 700 pm as then the ongoing costs of Instant Ink will be cheaper
    Hi is the FREEINK code and refer a friend direct with HP?
  18. Avatar
    Same deal on Hp official site. I've been using my Hp printer for several years and was looking for a deal like this. I currently pay 2.99 per month for ink and any unused allowances get rolled over. Ink is always delivered early and their customer service is excellent imo. 9 months free is worth around 27£ off the price for me , how can this not be a good deal (for me).
  19. Avatar
    I'm sick to death of inkjets. I print so little that every time fire the printer up after weeks inactivity it has dried up and refuses to print. I end up buying a new ink cart every time I need to print something. GRRR!

    I'm going back to laser printers.
    Wise words. Laser printer is the best shout for light users.
  20. Avatar
    I would rather buy any Epson Ecotank printer and then your ink cartridge will lasts for thousands of pages and can be refilled at home. Sure, the printer is more expensive but you save on the long run.
    I have no knowledge of printers.
    Kids use approx 25 pages a month.. preferably colour.
    Could you please recommend a cost effective model?
    Thank you in advance
  21. Avatar
    Cheers OP. Bought.

  22. Avatar
    I've been unable to use my hp instant ink printer for months because it randomly started saying I don't have permission to use the ink cartridges even though the payments are still coming out of my bank every month and my account shows its active.
    I've tried everything hp told me to and it's very frustrating but still not working and still no resolution, regret buying the damn thing
    If under warranty then return it.
    I went to Currys because my wifi signal would sometimes drop with one of the HP printers after a while. They changed it straight away.

    Even getting the 3 year Instant Replacement from Currys is really worth it.
  23. Avatar
    Check out ebay folks if you prefer a laser printer. I got my Samsung c430w laser printer for less than £50 refurbished. Quality is amazing.

    Voted hot op
    any seller link?
  24. Avatar
    Also consider that when the free period ends, misprints/test prints via the app are considered as part of your monthly usage
  25. Avatar
    bought - thanks - great for the kids going back to school.
  26. Avatar
    For all those moaning about ink and being able to use cheap fake ink. Most of the modern printers block fake ink, I think that should be illegal as I paid for the printer just like I paid for a mobile phone, I should then be able to use the hardware I paid for with any ink I choose. However until that’s sorted , I think the HP subscription program is brilliant. Used to be 1.99, now I am not sure it it’s 2.49 or 2.99 and u get number of print outs per month, u can easily upgrade once a month or down grade if u need more prints. And it works smoothly and u never run out of ink, they send it to your home automatically. That’s cheaper than buy 4 diff colour cartridges or 2 cartridges in some cases for most other printers
  27. Avatar
    same price on hp.com with faster 2 day delivery and most probably better service than currys
  28. Avatar
    also make sure to get 3 year plan from currys once you finish 9 months take this back to currys and get a new printer. If lucky you may find another 9 months or more offer so within that 3 years you can replace your printer many a times.
    Reasons to return: wifi not working, paper jam, switches off, has become slow and make sure to add intermittent every time you take it back.
  29. Avatar
    Inkjet will always get a down vote for me. Just because this type of printer is so prone to develop fault after short period of infrequent use.
  30. Avatar
    Best decision made was to buy an ecotank printer from Epson, never had to replace cartridges again and can email the printer instead of installing lots of drivers!!
  31. Avatar
    There is only 1 issue with the printer and that is that it can only print single sided, ie it can not print double sided automatically. HP Instant ink IMHO is brilliant!... 9 months of free printing where you can print up to 700 pages a month is brilliant!!... before the trial ends just amend the amount of pages you think you will print .. ie 50, 100 ect and then only pay a tiny amount a month... Or do what I do... keep it for 9 months and then bin it and get a new one with another 9 months trial... 9 months of ink printing c 400 to 500 A4 sheets a month is an absolute bargain for only £59. The printer is a little slow and not as good as the Envy series which have a much better built in screen rater then lots of buttons...
    I managed to pick up an Envy 6032e with 9 Months instand ink a while back (£70 at the time from HP, now £100!).
    Duplex printing is such a time saver I'd advise anyone that wants to print double sided to get one, would be nice if the price came back down!
  32. Avatar
    Printers eergh. Condolences to anyone who needs to use one
  33. Avatar
    Top loading paper which isn’t ideal. And I’m assuming this is the same as all the other HP’s where have to use the app to print?
    no. My hp printer has a paper tray. Can't remember the model but been discontinued anyway however they do have them.
  34. Avatar
    I've just bought a new printer and checked these HP printers out. The free ink sounds good but it appears you can only ever use official HP ink cartridges so it will be expensive in the long run. That seems to be the case with a lot of cheaper printers. Cheap outlay then expensive ink. This is particularly true of all the canon models I looked at.

    Went for an Epson model that I knew I could get cheap 3rd party ink for. So far so good. This is the model I went for.

    argos.co.uk/pro…507?storeID=4209&istCompanyId=a74d8886-5df9-4baa-b776-166b3bf9111c&istFeedId=30f62ea9-9626-4cac-97c8-9ff3921f8558&istItemId=ixwlpxmpt&istBid=t&&cmpid=GS001&_$ja=tsid:59157%7cacid:804-627-9544%7ccid:16595965133%7cagid:138274018207%7ctid:pla-303983468532%7ccrid:588246381293%7cnw:u%7crnd:10264257825665228482%7cdvc:m%7cadp:%7cmt:%7cloc:1007010&utm_source=Google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=16595965133&utm_term=8873507&utm_content=shopping&utm_custom1=138274018207&utm_custom2=804-627-9544&GPDP=true&gclid=Cj0KCQjwjvaYBhDlARIsAO8PkE38yh2gZWGkK5ojkAaEXe6nE382tedbMg4S-lLIvmmNT5H0i9YYX2QaAoNpEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds (edited)
    I do not concur, I have a canon and use non canon ink, very cheap to run and a great printer
  35. Avatar
    My card ran out so my subscription of ink has ended meaning I can't use it. Are there any HP subscription deals does anyone know please? I have to admit it pis_ed me off when it went up from £1.99 to £2.99.
    You can update card details and restart your subscription. If you add a new printer to your account then it will give you the free months. Just remember to remove old printer from your account
  36. Avatar
    Is this good for printing pics ? Looking for one that can be used to print good quality pics.
    "Good quality" can mean lots of things to lots of people. Depends on your standards or use, the paper you print on, quality of original image, enlarging, calibration, software etc, but as this is one of their lower end four colour ink range machines, it's not going to be spectacular compared to a dedicated high end photo printer with double or more inks & premium coated photo stock.
    I'm a graphic designer & use an £800+ 9 colour A3+ photo printer & each sheet of coated paper costs around £1.50, that's before you add pounds more for manufacturers ink. £6+ materials cost for a single high quality A3 full page print is common for us, but that doesn't include experience & time to setup & editing & calibration etc before hand. Our printer is considered medium quality in the pro business world for comparison.
    You might find this printer fine for quick snaps from your mobile or the kids homework if you're not fussy etc.
    We have a higher model HP printer than this to do this at home on instant ink subscription for exactly that. I sometimes use the work one for specials.
    I'd suggest that you go with the pro's for family portraits for your wall or wedding photos, special memories etc.
  37. Avatar
    Thanks, Op! Seems like a good deal, 15% cash back via Topcashback (Note: not via the app!) as well!!
    Plus an extra 1% via Airtime Rewards
  38. Avatar
    Got this a few weeks back, chose it over others mainly for the extra 3 month instant ink. Didn’t know it was a good deal or would have posted it, thought it was standard price
  39. Avatar
    We are charged to breath, its called the cost of living (edited)
  40. Avatar
    Hp direct comes with 2 years wa
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