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HP DeskJet Plus 4130e All-in-One Wireless Inkjet Printer & 9 Months Instant Ink with HP+ £49.99 Delivered + £15 Cashback From HP @ Currys

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This printer usually is popular on here at this price but for 1 week till the 14th January you can claim a further £15 cashback on this printer from HP also on it

Details h41201.www4.hp.com/WMC…rt/

T&C's h41201.www4.hp.com/WMC…rt/

All-in-one with WiFi

Print, scan and copy with the HP DeskJet Plus 4130e All-in-One Wireless Inkjet Printer. It has a 35-page auto-feeder that will help you get through your jobs faster. And it comes with built-in WiFi, so you can use it without needing to plug it into your computer.

Works with your smartphone

The HP Smart app lets you manage printing and scanning from your phone - you can even scan documents with your phone camera and send mobile faxes. Set-up is easy - simply pair your device with the printer and you're ready to go.

Enabled with HP+

The cloud-connected DeskJet Plus 4130e is enabled with HP+, which gives you extra printer benefits, such as automatic detection and fixing of connection issues. This makes the printer more up-to-date and secure. You even get more advanced options through the HP Smart app on your phone, such as easy multi-page document scanning, mobile fax and productivity features.

Includes 9 months of HP Instant Ink

Thanks to Instant Ink with HP+, you can save up to 70% on original HP Ink and up to 50% on toner. Cartridges are automatically ordered by your printer when you are running low and delivered to your door. Plans start from 99p per month for 10 pages.

The service works on how many pages you print, not how much ink you use. Choose between 10, 50, 100, 300 or 700-page monthly plans - unused pages roll over to the next month. The price includes ink, shipping and cartridge recycling.

Please note: HP+ requires a HP account, an ongoing internet connection and exclusive use of Original HP Ink cartridges. After 9 months a monthly fee for HP Instant Ink applies unless cancelled. Please see HP website for details.

This HP printer is designed to work only with cartridges that have a new or reused HP chip or electronic circuit. It uses dynamic security measures to block cartridges that are using non-HP chips or circuits. Periodic firmware updates will maintain the effectiveness of these measure, and block cartridges that previously worked. Reused HP chips and circuits enable the use of reused, remanufactured and refilled cartridges. For more details, see HP's website.
Currys More details at Currys

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If you buy via EPP (I tried from PerksAtWork), you can get it for £44.99

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  1. Avatar
    Also 10% student discount or blue light card, making it an even bigger bargain, when purchased direct from HP. (edited)
    Have you a link please?
  2. Avatar
    when you sign up for inantink HP give you an additional 12 months warranty regardless of where it's purchased.
  3. Avatar
    Pay a little more but get a laser jet. Ink jets have always been really expensive and a real headache.
    Could you suggest a laser jet that costs a little more?
  4. Avatar
    Just purched from HP, advert says 9 months of free insta ink, but no mention of how or when to set this up and which package to choose. Has anyone actually set the insta ink subscription up on the HP site?
    You set it up when you receive the printer. Select the highest package while you are in the free trial and then move to the level you use when you start paying.
  5. Avatar
    Cashback Details h41201.www4.hp.com/WMC…rt/

    T&C's h41201.www4.hp.com/WMC…rt/

    I know you get an extra 1 year warranty (2 in total) when buying direct from HP Store hp.com/gb-…PRN Not sure if that is also offered if buying from Currys so maybe worth taking that into consideration if you decide to purchase. But the cashback is offered either at Currys or HP Store

    Previous posting of this printer on here from November if interested in reading about it hotukdeals.com/dea…909 (edited)
    During set up you are asked to enrol in HP+ and this adds the extra year warranty (bought my printer from Currys online).
  6. Avatar
    Bought this printer a couple of months ago. It's the worst printer I've ever owned. It will not stay connected to WiFi and needs reconnected almost every day before it will wireless print - seemingly a common problem according to all the terrible reviews online. Dont waste your money on this "bargain" printer.
    I still use USB to print, much more reliable they say you can't with modern HP printers which is untrue. once you've setup instantink, just connect a USB cable and let windows find the drivers. (edited)
  7. Avatar
    Tempted but reviews are a bit off putting. Of course, I've never said this before about a printer.....

    Perhaps I'm being a bit cynical, but I always suspect with deals like this they're just trying to offload excessive levels of stock when a product doesn't sell as well as it should for whatever reason. (edited)
    They are just trying to get you to subscribe to their ink plan or buy their expensive inks. Printers themselves have been loss leaders for years. Only went up in price as there was huge demand during lockdowns and home schooling which sold pretty much all stock that was available
  8. Avatar
    Can't use compats if you use instant ink trial BTW, they get blocked forever
  9. Avatar
    I paid this without the cashback directly from HP last week darn it! I had the HP 5544 before this and it was the better printer. This new 4100 is slower, harder to connect, doesn't have double sided printing, has a basic control panel and a top loading paper feed. However, it does everything you would expect it to.
    Yeah found this incredibly frustrating to set up initially but ok to use. When I pulled it out to print after a few months idle, I ran the print head and nozzle clean procedure several times and no dice, it also constantly spammed me to order instant ink during the process.

    I'll be buying an ecotank or a laser next time I need a printer.
  10. Avatar
    Anyone know if you can still claim the 9 months instant ink as an existing user? I’ve got an older HP2650 and pay the £2.99 a month and thinking of upgrading to this but don’t want to find I can’t use the free 9 months.
    I've had multiple new HP printers with free months of instant ink on the same account.
  11. Avatar
    Would this printer be good to print photos?
    I’d say with the instant ink options..no. The instant I kind the squally based on a 5% toner coverage and photos will be almost 100%, so this would cost you more in ink as a result. The best option for this printer and HP ink is for home environment/ work from home.
  12. Avatar
    Picked one up from HP directly for £45 for a family member
    £30 after cashback and 9 months ink is a good deal alone, nice to have a printer thrown in!
    Cashback from?
  13. Avatar
    4 years of free ink you mean? Wow, and how
  14. Avatar
    Anyone know if this copies double sided automatically? Currently have the HP Envy 6234 which this might replace.
    No it doesn't, sorry
  15. Avatar
    So when I apply for instant ink do I just ask for any level of package or just what I will use if free anyway? Also when I was in Currys and bought one the guy offered me 3 year warranty for £5, should have been £7. I said no but this covers a replacement in store on the spot if it breaks down. Means it not having to go away for repair. Changed my mind and apparently I can go back in and ask for it. For £1.33 a year it’s got to be worth it
    Get the warranty, when your printer dies you can get a new one and just get another 9
    months free ink plus friend referral if you sign up with a different email address.
  16. Avatar
    Just had my click and collect order cancelled!!
    They are a nightmare, order for home delivery, I had that with the google cameras on black friday.
  17. Avatar
    The cashback link in the description claim through that after you receive the printer serial number needed
  18. Avatar
    Please can anyone tell me if there is an expiry date for when the free 9 month instant ink subscription must be redeemed by? Thanks
    I don't think it expires as I comes with the printer and as it's printed on the box I don't think they could argue, however I think a year would be reasonable
  19. Avatar
    So is it better to order from HP or Currys or doesn’t it matter?
    HP direct has 2 years warranty. Also if you have a Unidays or blue light card you get 10% off via HP.
  20. Avatar

    4. This Promotion may not be combined with any other promotional offers or special pricing offered on the HP Qualifying

    Do you think this means it won’t work along side student discount?
    It should be ok, if they reject it then return the printer.
  21. Avatar
    Does this have automatic double sided printing?
    No, from the specification section:

    Double-sided printing: Manual
  22. Avatar
    Mine arrived yesterday. Set up in 5 mins and works a charm but if using android you not only need to install the hp+ app from the App store you also need to install the HP Print Service Plugin and prints straight away direct from your device(s).
    Set up in 5 mins

    One of the lucky few!
  23. Avatar
    Don’t forget extra ink up to 3-5 months codes easily available on eBay which is where I got mine from.
    Does this work after the initial 9mths?
  24. Avatar
    wow, £35 after cashback and 12 months of ink if not maybe a month or two or even more with a code. Now that's a great deal. Heat added (edited)
    Did you get 9 or 12 months? How can I get 12 months
  25. Avatar
    How do u calm.9 months instant ink
  26. Avatar
    Personal referrals are not allowed on here so bear in mind unless you want a ban 
  27. Avatar
    Wife was saying we need a new printer, perfect timing if I may say so

    LOL, cancelled my Curry's order and went via HP direct for the extra years warranty, bargain!! (edited)
  28. Avatar
    Where does it mention the £15 cashback
  29. Avatar
    I still got the hp office 7720 printer from a few years back , 7.99 lol
  30. Avatar
    Once you go laser you never go back to inkjet (edited)
    is laser good for photos?
  31. Avatar
    Anyone know for sure if the cashback can be claimed if bought with student discount (unidays) at HP Student store?
    T&C's only says..
    4.4. This Promotion may not be combined with any other promotional offers or special pricing offered on the HP QualifyingThis Promotion may not be combined with any other promotional offers or special pricing offered on the HP Qualifying
    Thanks in advance.
  32. Avatar
    Ordered thank you this is almost free, i bought a printer before they changed the 15 pages ( I did not change up to this date I am getting 15 pages for free )
  33. Avatar
    Printer arrived yesterday, breeze to install over Wi Fi & I was using it within 15 mins
    Once again thank you to the kind forum members who got me an extra 3 months inks
    Sold my old Epson printer for £20 + cashback off this deal means I get a new printer (2 yrs warranty) + year of ink for £15

    No brainer bargain
  34. Avatar
    Can someone help me, I am trying to add a referral code but keeps saying it’s invalid,
    I think you are supposed to add a referral code on the last screen before completing the signing up. Are you still signing up or have you completed the process already?
  35. Avatar
    Would anyone be able to send me a 3 month code please?
    Do you still want the code?
  36. Avatar
    Cheers @sotv - needed a new printer and the cashback plus ink makes this a no brainer.
  37. Avatar
    Or check Avforums for any codes
  38. Avatar
    Do you have to sign up to the ink monthly deal or can you buy the ink yourself for this?
    I have an Hp printer and refused their ink subscription. It's been fine. Once you sign up I think it's really hard to go and buy your own afterwards. I think they lock the printer for their service.

    Wouldn't buy a Hp again mind you.
  39. Avatar
    Thanks OP for this post. ordered through HP site for 45 pounds ...

    I will claim 15 pounds . Thanks much again .. (edited)
    No you get £15 cashback
  40. Avatar
    Can you sell this printer after changing your mind and go with different printer? I think anybody can register with instant ink and it’s not tied up with your account right?
    the serial number is tied to your account, you have to get it removed and cancel the plan if you don't want to be charged. Same applies if it dies and you return for exchange. you must cancel the plan.
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