HP ENVY 5546 Home Photo All-in-One Wireless Inkjet Printer £69.99 with 9 months x 300 pages per month FREE INK @ Currys

HP ENVY 5546 Home Photo All-in-One Wireless Inkjet Printer £69.99 with 9 months x 300 pages per month FREE INK @ Currys

Found 4th May 2016
HP Envy inkjet printer including 9-months Instant Ink.
If you need 300 pages a month from an inkjet this is a bargain.
300 pages instant ink is normally £7.99 a month.
So the instant ink free trial is worth more than the printer!
Evaluate your options again at 9 months which will either be continue with instant ink or bin the printer for the latest deal!
There's a bit of Quidco available too.
On my printer the box says 6 month trial but the leaflet inside confirms 9 months.
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Not sure why it's cold.. Seems to be a good deal, sure you could buy third party inks or even refill cartridges but original ink is pretty dear but excellent quality and you can be sure that they'll work.
Nice find OP.
I suppose it's only a really good deal if you know you're going to use 300 pages a month, I don't think I would.

Don't know what the printer is worth on its own - havent voted.
I had a HP that I used for years paying for the original inks. Cost me a fortune. One day I used some Tesco cheaper inks and that was it - the printer was just fecked.

Gone over to Canon since. The clone inks are much cheaper and work. Made me very wary about ever buying an HP printer again as it seems they hook you into buying very expensive inks.
Or just buy a laser printer.
Why expired? Mistake?
Sorry, it was on the Currys mega deals event which were supposed to stop on Wednesday so I put that in as the end date.

The price hasn't gone up and it's still available.

This is a much better deal than this (if you do a lot of printing) which went very hot: hotukdeals.com/dea…665

6 months extra instant ink (worth up to £47.94) for £30.

My wife is a teacher so will use the 300 every month for sure.

I don't know how to un-expire.

I'm going to buy some photo paper and print family photos full quality, full page etc. This is a really good feature of instant ink, you know what you are paying and you don't have to run your printer in economy and be selective of using colour or be thinking about the price when you want to print a few photos.

Thanks moderators for un-expiring :ox
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Why so.cold
I agree this is a good deal however, I might be missing something but I cannot see the 9 months trial offer when I click on the link?
4th bullet under product features, hth.
thank you for your reply jazzist,
You stated above that this is a better printer however I just compared them both on the HP site and (other than the colour) they look exactly the same in specifications and dimensions.



yes my mistake, it's the same printer just different colour, even the cd that comes with it says 5540 series.
this is still a much better deal for many people
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Thanks for confirming, I agree this is a very good deal, voted hot.
It says it prints 10x15 cm pics, presumably it will also print photos in A4?

And the instant ink carts cover 300 pages - that could be 300 A4 photos or 300 pages with a full stop on them? It doesn't matter how much ink I use just how many separate pages?
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