HP G Series 320GB 17.3in Core i3 Laptop £499.99 @ Argos

HP G Series 320GB 17.3in Core i3 Laptop £499.99 @ Argos

Found 22nd Oct 2010
I have been looking for a 17" Core i3 laptop for a while and came across this. It has a decent spec from 1 of the best brands and is priced similar to value brand 17" laptops.

Catalogue No: 508/3558

HP G Series 320GB Core i3 17.3in Laptop.

Numeric keypad and built-in Altec lansing sound system.

CPU and Memory:

* Intel Core i3 350M.
* 2.26GHz processor speed.
* 3GB DDR3 RAM memory.
* 320GB SATA hard drive.

Display features:

* 17.3in display.
* Resolution 1600 x 900 pixels.

DVD optical drives:

* Dual layer with LightScribe.


* Intel with HD graphics card.

Interfaces and connectivity:

* Multi-Media Card (MMC) compatible.
* 3 USB ports.
* 1 HDMI port.
* B/g/n wireless/WiFi enabled.

Multi-media features:

* 0.3MP built-in webcam.
* Built-in mic.

Operating system and software:

* Microsoft Windows 7 Premium.

Software included:

Preloaded manufacturers suite of applications include:

* Music.
* Photo.
* Movie.
* Business.
* Tuition.
* Gaming.


I like the look of this and had almost settled on it after endless late nights of searching for a new laptop... but then was clicking around and saw what seems to be a newer model on Play.com for thirty quid more: Play. Mind you, comparing lists of technical stats gives me a headache after a while.

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Thanks. The specs drove me crazy as well and I tried to justify every £1 more than my budget. Its like buying a car. If your considering a Hyundai, for £500 more you can buy a Clio and for another £500 more you can buy a Seat Ibiza and for another £500 more you can buy a VW Polo and so on.

the play one and argos are the same base machine i think just with difference of
1gb ram, extra 180gb hard drive space...possibly 32bit on argos machine but dunno
imo thats definitely worth 30quid but then its cancelled out by dealing with play.com
bit hard to be cetain though as argos are pretty poor for descriptions
Edited by: "brilly" 22nd Oct 2010

Argh! It's a nightmare. Are Play notoriously bad for high value orders, then?


check this

Seems about right - £100 cheaper for being a refurb. At least it does come with a 12month warranty as I wouldn't place too much kudos on the HP name given their recent reliability ratings...
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