HP Instant Ink. Choose your monthly package. Save up to 70%
HP Instant Ink. Choose your monthly package. Save up to 70%

HP Instant Ink. Choose your monthly package. Save up to 70%

Basically if you're like me and you print a lot of photos and a lot of ink heavy work, then this service is for you. Pay monthly for a set of pages to print. Doesn't sound like much but as of right now HP count one page as one page regardless of how much ink is used on that one page which is idea for someone like myself who uses a lot of ink. (I go through at least one set of ink cartridges a month lol)

Prices are 1.99 3.49 7.99 and it wouldn't allow me to enter those in the price box.


Suppose it's not that bad. £24/year for cartridges,

I somewhat just see it as a money making scheme to make you buy a printer on the list. The majority of printers would be capable. They could just build it into the PC software.

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Yeah but it's still a good deal I think for photographers etc. 50 high quality photos a month would drain about a full set of inks I reckon on most printers and I find it easier to worry about how many pages I've printed as opposed to "oh crap in out of ink and my assignment is due tomorrow" lol

We bought a new printer last year and it run out of ink fairly quick. We have not renewed the ink and its lay in a cupboard since. The inks are far to expensive. Sorry for a hijack on this thread but where is the best / cheapest place for inks for this printer. It takes 4 individual cartridges.

its a hp photosmart with wireless b110 series and the cartridge number is 364

any help would be appreciated
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Hi Scott, just type 'buy HP 364 ink cartridges' into Google. Most times it's Amazon but you'll need to decide if you want originals or other manufacturers.

it keeps coming up 364 xl - will these be just as compatible? only slightly larger ?

364xl are the same size cartridge with more ink. They are the ones I use in my printer.☺

Not going for this myself because I hardly print BUT this is a good option to consider.

Thanks OP!

Would be a great deal if the supported printers were of a higher quality. For photo printing the supported ones suck.

I was involved in the trial for this and find it great. They gave me a printer and put me on the trial for 6 months to see how it worked and give feedback. I was so impressed I have carried on as I can just forget about buying cartridges. The printer talks to your account and it knows when you are running low and another cartridge comes through the post. I am on the £1.99 plan as I rarely go over 50 pages a month. I have never run out of ink without a new cartridge ready and waiting. Brill service!

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