HP L2045w Flat Panel Monitor (RB145AT) £123.34 after £30 cashback

HP L2045w Flat Panel Monitor (RB145AT) £123.34 after £30 cashback

Found 14th Jan 2008
This price using 'SANTA' voucher and HP cashback (see link)

Quidco 4% business rate possible.

HP L2045w Flat Panel Monitor (RB145AT)
Faceplate treatment
Anti-glare and anti-static coatings
Display size
20.1 inches diagonal
Display viewing angle
160° horizontal, 160° vertical
Display brightness
300 nits
Contrast ratio
Refresh response time
5 ms
Pixel pitch
0.258 mm
16.2 million colors
Display, maximum pixel rate
205 MHz (analog input), 165 MHz (DVI input)
Horizontal scan rates
Horizontal Frequency: 24-93 kHz (VGA input), Vertical Frequency: 50-76 Hz (VGA input)
Display resolution
1680x1050 @ 60Hz (native, recommended) All VESA standard video modes up to 1680 x 1050 @ 60 Hz; also supports some Sun models 1152 x 900 @ 76 Hz and Mac models 1152 x 870 @ 75 Hz and 832 x 624 @ 75 Hz
Video input connector
Two connectors: one 15-pin mini D-sub analog VGA and one DVI-D (VGA analog or digital)
Input signal
15-pin D-sub VGA
User controls
Size and positioning, contrast, brightness, clock, clock phase, selectable color temperature, serial number, display, factory reset, individual color control, monitor management, zoom
Display moving angle
Tilt range: -5° to + 30° vertical tilt, 90° horizontal swivel, pivot rotation: 90° into portrait orientation, base: attached
Mounting interface
VESA External Mounting: two set of standard 4 hole pattern, 100 mm



It’s good to see the cashback has been reinstated on this.
For £10 + VAT you can upgrade the warranty to 4 years next business day on-site which is a bargain.
This has a better stand than just about anything in this price range, no HDCP though.

There have been various deals on this monitor for the last year, and I bought one a month ago. This is an excellent monitor. Good viewing angles and very clear. Brilliant stand. This is simply a stunning deal at this price.

and theres 5% Quidco!
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