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HP LaserJet M209dwe Wireless Black & White Printer with 6 months instant toner - £109.98 (+Claim £50 Cashback from HP) @ Amazon

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Downright incredible deal on this printer! £50 cashback from HP.

Claim the cashback from here:


But you will need to order with priority delivery or Amazon Prime so that it gets dispatched fast and you can redeem the cashback since the cashback will no longer be possible to redeem after the 31st.

Printer has duplex function.
Amazon More details at Amazon
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Correct HP cashback link (with correct expiry date):

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    This is an e printer, if you dont continue with the subscription the printer will not print with normal purchased tonner.
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    "ONLY works with Original HP Toner and REQUIRES an HP account and internet connection." is a bit of a red flag no matter how cheap the printer. They'll make their money back from you in toner.
    Except compatibles are available, and AFAIK account and Internet are only required for Instant Ink.
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    it doesn't have standard wired connection. Fraught with problems. avoid
    Except it does! Says ethernet on the Amazon page AND over at HP
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    So if I buy it now it won't come until the 1st, is that too late?
    I think it will be too late by then unless you buy directly from HP and I believe they supply you with the serial code of the printer online, because you need to have the serial number available to fill out the cashback form as well as your invoice. It would need to be dispatched tomorrow at the latest because you don't get your invoice until it's dispatched. It's still a pretty good deal even without the cashback. And you can always return it if you find out that you're too late. So if you want to take the risk maybe you could. (edited)
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    * You can use standard toner, Instant Ink is optional
    * 3rd party toner is available (although I'd recommend not to install newer firmware)
    * It offers wired (ethernet) as well as Wi-Fi connections

    ...Anyone else like to comment before actually checking their info!? (edited)
    it's a HP+ printer if you enroll the printer into HP+ (which you have to if you want the 6 months instant ink and the extra year warranty) you agree to lock the printer into only being able to use either genuine HP toner or Toner provided via the instant ink service. You do however get the option during setup I believe not to enroll the printer into HP+. It's a clever way to get people to agree to locking their printer into using only genuine ink/toner by offering you 6 months free ink and an extra years warranty for doing so.
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    How much are the replacement cartridges?
  7. Avatar
    Offer says 1/23
    Check again now I think there was an error on the website yesterday
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    98.99 from HP via Perks@work
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    HP CB offers are a pain. I bought some other model with HP cash back today and still waiting on the CB after three months!
    You should probably chase that up with then then as T&Cs say they pay within 30 days
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    Wth there is sub to print paper from your own printer?
    I bought brother all in one wifi some 6/7 years ago. bought £10 compatible toners twice and last me 18/24 months each depending on use.
    Why would anyone buy this junk with recurring payment is beyond me (edited)
    Admittedly, it makes more sense with colour printers (and even more so inkjets), but regardless, you either buy ink outright yourself or via a subscription service. Not everyone believes choice is bad.
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    I always thought the point of getting a laser printer was to avoid the ink cartridge scam. This sounds like they've found a way to make it far, far worse
    eh, but colour laser printer cartridges are far far more expensive
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    i bought an HP 8022 printer to replace an a 5 year old hp 8740 printer about 18 months, i returned it 6 months later as it wasnt fit for purpose. Sheer greed from HP. Cartridges were astronically expensive and lasted nowhere near the stated amount, crazy even by HP standards.

    The included demo cart lasted barely 10 pages. New full set standard cartridges were £45 and lasted barely 50 pages, not the stated 300. Bigger cartridges that supposedly printed 700 pages were £120 - no thanks.

    So i bought my own ink and syringe, done this for previous HP printers, but HP have put a stop to even that. I returned it as not fit for purpose and bought an ink tank printer, epson 5170 for £315 from costco. Its awesome and comes with ink for 7000 pages of colour and 15000 pages of black. Full set of inks for 7000 pages is £40. Hear that HP!

    Dont buy HP its false economy unless you print barely any pages a year, <500 pages (edited)
    Canon and HP also sell printers with the larger ink tanks, the ones where you just buy the ink.

    HP cartridges will last exactly what they are stated to last; the number of pages is a percentage of ink coverage, not a full 'all-ink' photograph.

    Make sure you know what you're buying. (edited)
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    Not sure why people are struggling with the cashback.

    This is the correct model, no?

    I'm not seeing that on the website anymore are you still seeing it?

    If it's not there anymore then we have to complain to HP for bait-and-switch.
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    stay away from HP
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    Some clarifications:

    - Any experiences with HP ink are relevant because it's the same company so if people have a bad experience it's good to know.

    - I did not "post the wrong link" - HP did. I simply took it from their website and it was correct for the correct model.

    - The link was correct at the time. Later for some reason it redirected to a different model.

    - Actually that's exactly what it does. the instant ink effectively gives you 6 months worth of free cartridges. It gives you up to 1500 pages per month for the trial period, they send you new ink cartridges when you use up your current one. So yes you effectively have six months to be able to use the printer for free and print 1500 pages per month with replacement cartridges sent whenever you run out within those six months. (edited)
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    Claim submitted so just wait and see now - thanks OP
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    One of the ex HP printer engineer ones told me.
    HP stands for "Horrible Products"
    In this case it can be "Horrible printers"
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    It says availability until 31/12/2022?
    Check again now I think there was an error on the website
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    not eligible for cash back. (as offer ended 31/12/22)
    That's a different model
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  21. Avatar
    Check again now I think there was an error on the website yesterday
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    does it work with compatible toner?
    Following amongst others.
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    Only one printer listed on the Cashback link and it isn't this one?
    Check again now I think there was an error on the website yesterday
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    @adam.mt you seem to know what you're on about rather than just spewing anti subscription vitriol. Do these use the same instantink account as inkjets? I've got ~6 months on mine wondering if I can switch to this (or another laser) and it just issues different carts, or if it needs an "instanttoner" account. Also if the same referral structure applies with the lasers, probably covered by the first question. Cheers
    I'm pretty sure it will use the same account, but whether you can move an existing subscription over, sorry, I don't know. You'll be best to ask HP.
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    "6 months instant toner"
    Toner lasts forever... christ, avoid.
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    Didn't see the CB offer, would have bought it otherwise for £91.xx last night with a 10% voucher which appeared only for a couple of hours .
    Heat OP.
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    This is a great little workhorse if the HP+ and Instant Ink service suits you.

    Initial setup is a bit clumsy, as Instant Ink always is. (Even after years of having raised it, the "County" selection in the address section is still missing some British counties.)

    Apart from one issue that was solved with a reboot, this has been a proper business-grade desktop laser printer. It has not been treated with love and kindness either. It was printing in an environment so cold there was steam coming off it in winter, and in conditions that had me sweating my bits off in summer.

    Client never runs out of toner, never has to bother the only-occasionally-present accounting department to order more toner, and the damn thing even has a HP Care Pack added on it for NBD service. Not that we've needed it.

    The Instant Ink subscription is a little steep compared to an ancient LaserJet with compatibles, but nothing too egregious. Especially if you consider the 2 year TOC to include the 6 months (+1 month or maybe +3 months for the referral during setup) free.

    £1.99 for up to 50 pages, £3.49 for 100 pages at the low end, £22.99 for 1500 pages at the top, a couple of options in the middle, and they all have some rollover of unused pages.

    Genuine toner delivered to the door. Drivers for Windows 7 onwards, the HP Smart app is functional enough, wired Ethernet... And to be fair, "it just works". Not something you can usually say about HP printers.

    Heat added.

    Pro-tip: If you may have to work remotely with these printers, *make a note in your documentation of the unique default password that's hidden on a sticker on the printer*. You may still need it after setup. Obviously you should be doing that anyway, but it's easily overlooked.
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    Can’t seem to get past the serial number bit. No matter what serial number I put in, it keeps saying invalid. Any ideas what I can do? Printer doesn’t arrive til tomorrow.
    Are you able to check the serial number of your printer online?
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