Posted 21 February 2023

HP LaserJet Pro 3002dwe Printer - £174.65 @ Amazon

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About this deal

  • BEST FOR SMALL BUSINESSES AND HOME OFFICES – Print, scan, copy and fax high-quality black & white docs like forms, reports and business documents
  • FASTEST TWO-SIDED PRINTING IN ITS CLASS – Roam; Two-sided printing; Fast first page out speeds; Dualband Wi-Fi; Energy Efficient; Strong Security
  • PRINT SPEED - Black (normal, A4): Up to 33 ppm; Black (Duplex, A4): Up to 20 ipm
  • Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi
  • TONER + DOUBLE THE WARRANTY WITH HP+ INCLUDED– Activate HP+ for an extra year of HP warranty coverage & 6 months of free toner via an optional Instant Ink subscription. This HP+ printer only works with Original HP Toner and must be connected to the internet
  • 6 MONTHS OF TONER INCLUDED – Print up to 1500 pages a month free when you enrol in Instant Ink. Toner will be delivered automatically before you run out at no extra cost. Credit card required; change or cancel anytime
  • HP SMART APP – Print, scan and copy from your phone—from anywhere
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  1. PiiWii's avatar
    And dont forget if you are printing wirelessly you have to constantly re-connect the printer to the app and all pages printed wirelessly are routed through HP servers. If the security aspect of all this doesnt bother you, then the constant breakdown of communications to the app/printer/internet certainly will
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    Yep when you need to print you do not want to wait 6years. I'm out. (edited)
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    Viking Brother DCP-L2530DW A4 Mono Laser 3-in-1 Printer with Wireless Printing - £136.48 @ Viking Direct is in stock now down to £133.04 - check the expired thread there still might be ways to bring this down a little more. Mine works fine with economy compatible toner.
    expired deal in stock for less now (edited)
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    £110 + free delivery as over £49

    Direct link (edited)
  3. misa426's avatar
    Not a great deal because you could have got it for around this price with cash back so it was around £100 before.

    And to tell you the truth I'm not sure if I can recommend this printer because you have to pay a minimum of £8 per month for ink which they don't tell you anywhere.

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    Thats why i returned my hp8022e as it was not fit for purpose, expensive cartridges that dont last as long as they say, got an epson 5170 printer - excellent printer and i reckon i wont have to fill the tanks for 3 years - even then itll cost under £40 for a set that prints 7500 pages (unlike the HP which was £60 for 150 pages small cartridges and £130 for 5-600 pages for the large one.

    However, the upfront cost of the epson was higher - epson £315, HP £120 (edited)
  4. daaave2's avatar
    Awful awful printer. Terrible company.

    All the warnings are true. Expensive to buy, expensive to print, Wi-Fi connection awful.

    My £30, 10 year old wi-fi canon inkjet is better in almost every respect, apart from speed (when i can eventually get the damn hp printer working).

    Just don’t ever buy a hp printer. Seriously.

    Anything else is better. Literally, anything. (edited)
  5. drumboe's avatar
    Bought a HP laser printer for a family member a year or two ago from a deal on here, they've basically stopped using it because it rarely connects to the wifi.

    It's amazing that HP stay in business, as somebody mentioned above, buy a Brother laser printer instead, they're reliable and cheap to run. (edited)
  6. geowars2's avatar
    I bought a Ricoh sp213w laser printer from Groupon back in 2016 for £15 (thanks HotUKDeals!)

    I didn't have much room for it at the time, and at the time I remember having some trouble getting the WiFi to work so I dumped it in the attic and eventually forgot about it.

    Only recently have I needed a printer to print return labels from home since I'm seldom in the office anymore.

    So I pulled it out of the attic, gave it a wipe, plugged it in, and surprisingly it works. Got it connecting to WiFi straight away and printing. Even the toner didn't dry up. I checked on Amazon and it looks like I should be able to still buy new toner for it anyway.

    If mine can sit in an attic for years and work fine, and if you're like most people who only need a printer occasionally (because who is printing a lot in 2023?), Then maybe it's not a bad idea to consider getting a used laser printer?
    Others suggest that the build quality is often better than modern printers. And if the ink is still available and then you can avoid these modern scams with expiring cartridges, monthly subscriptions and your documents being sent across the planet to HP servers.
    None of that guff on my £15 Ricoh .

    Like a lot of things these days, you also need to consider, what happens when HP stop supporting this printer anyway? Can it still be used or will it fail to print because it can't reach HP servers anymore?
    It's like Sonos speakers; Buy normal speakers and you might expect to see decades of service, but nowadays you need to consider that they will probably be crippled in 10 years when the manufacturer decides to simply switch off their APIs so then they can't be used anymore. (edited)
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    When it comes to printers most (within the last 10 years at least) will still work fine once the official support is dropped as you can use universal drivers. Sadly though it's not always the case as I do have a few "Windows 95" only printers that never got the universal print driver support, so they aren't recognised by Windows 10. I guess you have to question your sanity if you are still trying to print to a Windows 95 only printer though (and I guess I also need to question why I am still holding on to them?!)!
    Same is true for my Apple printer collection - the majority of my Apple lasers can still print using a generic/universal driver, however the inkjets will only work on specific OSes and of course the drivers don't exist for more modern OSes

    The newer HP printers have cloud based printing and that feature would be lost if HP drop support, though you should be able to still print (minus the additional features) using a universal driver. It's worth pointing out that all Google print enabled printers can still print (albeit not via the Google print service) now that Google turned off that feature.
  7. greatnameuk's avatar
    Yep... Buy a brother laser instead. This internet ink nonsense is a step too far (edited)
  8. screamingninja's avatar
    Great for scanning blank pages
  9. Darthpeter's avatar
    Our HP printer just packed in last week after 8 years - best thing it ever did.
  10. backyard's avatar
    Don't buy HP, horrible experience with their office jets. Realise this is last but that was enough to make me avoid like plague. I went with brother laser printer.

    The printer in OP used to be canon but they sold out to HP who put their anti freedom to do what you want with a printer software on it. As bad as John Deer tractors.
  11. aLV426's avatar
    I still have my HP LJIIP with the extra RAM, network card and extra paper tray. Granted it doesn't see much action these days, but it hasn't let me down since 1990!
    Sadly the latest range of printers don't have the same build quality and come with crippling firmware if you sign up to their "free ink" offer.
    I certainly wouldn't recommend HP for printers (I bought the 4100 series inkjet and give up trying to use WiFi on it - frustratingly Windows reports it as offline, yet when I send a print job it will actually print! When it doesn't I just print via USB as I can;t be bothered trying to set up the WiFi to report that it's not actually offline)

    Finally I would recommend whatever laser printer you choose make sure it has auto duplex - it's a feature that still isn't considered standard!
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    Used to be Kyocera with the bottle fill toner was cheapest to run, is this still a thing or am I that out of touch with dead tree machines?
  13. lio's avatar
    This printer can only be set up with an internet connection and registering for an hp+ account. However you don’t need to sign up for an insta ink subscription. I didn’t.
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