HP M9351 Media Center 64 Bit Desktop PC LG 22" TFT Freeview £746.20 Delivered + 7% Quidco
HP M9351 Media Center 64 Bit Desktop PC   LG 22" TFT Freeview £746.20 Delivered  + 7% Quidco

HP M9351 Media Center 64 Bit Desktop PC LG 22" TFT Freeview £746.20 Delivered + 7% Quidco

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The HP Pavilion Elite M9351 PC delivers outstanding entertainment and top performance home computing, together with impressive ease-of-use and a stylish design. Featuring a smooth, high-gloss piano black exterior and a unique Imprint pattern, the HP Pavilion M9351 PC is a stylish, sleek PC

OR £578.71 just for the desktop +7% Quidco.

# Processor type:
Intel® Core2 Quad processor Q6600
# Operating system installed: Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium 64-bit
Standard memory: 4 GB Ram
# Memory type: DDR2-SDRAM
# Memory slots: 4 DIMM socket
# Internal hard disk drive:
1 TB (2 x 500 GB) - 7200rpm
# Optical drive type: DVD writer SATA DVD RAM and Double Layer supporting LightScribe technology
# Memory card device:
15in1 memory card reader
# Network interface: Ethernet 10/100/1000BT integrated network interface
# Wireless technologies: Wireless LAN 802.11 b/g
# Video adapter: NVIDIA® GeForce 9600 GS with PureVideo® HD technology
Video RAM. 768 MB dedicated memory, up to 2559 MB total available graphics memory as allocated by Windows Vista®
Internal audio: Intel® High Definition Audio 7.1
# Keyboard: Wireless keyboard and optical mouse
# Remote control: HP Vista Media Center Remote Control
# External drive bays: 2 external optical drive bays, 2 internal HDD bays, 1 Pocket Media Drive bay, 1 Personal media Drive bay ; Landing pad for USB



Any reason for the cold votes, I have been looking equally for the last few weeks at the HP pavilion elite range and I have to say this seems one of the better deals.

I only wish that if someonehad a reaso to mark cold they would at least explain!

HP machines from my experiance are better built and have better components and therefore last longer, compared to some of the other, but please feel free to correct me if I am mistaken,:)

Very nice, but I am sitting here typing this on a Dell machine with the same processor that cost less than 300 quid, in fact with 4Gb of ram and 22" monitor it all came to about £430, and the only significant differences are the graphics card,(£X as much as you want to pay! from zero to about 100 quid for the model quoted) a 500Gb drive(£60), and the 64 bit OS (not so sure I would bother, yet! I would be using another media centre than the MS one anyway). Oh, and the remote (£10 to £ say 50? depending on what type and functionality you want). 315 quid change would buy me that and more, easily.

OK, it meant I had to open the case (Dell is OK, but is HP happy about this?) but seeing the HP is short on kit anyway (one TV tuner is a bit feeble) you would need to open it up too! I have Got a hybrid/analogue tv tuner anyway (about 35 quid), but the one in your HP is only a single in any case, (DVB-T only?). Twin tuner is pretty much essential if you want the equivalent functionality of a 90 quid PVR. The ability to feed in analogue is useful so you can record Sky or Cable, so a hybrid tuner recommended.

To be honest a 22" screen is the size I was thinking about for the bedroom so I think I would be wanting to pump it into a bigger TV if I was using it as a MC machine, not clear if it has HDMI out, but I am assuming for that spec it will have?

As for HP being reliable, not sure I have any opinions either way. In the US they seem to get a lot of flak for poor customer service, not so sure about here.

Pardon me for not being very enthusiastic, it is a nice machine, but it is not very warm at all from where I am sitting! :-(

Yeah, for the specifications the price isn't anything special.

HP Pavilion Elite M9265 for £549.97inc vat (Product code: 540746) says only available to collect at store, but sites say stores hve no stock, always worth a call to the store who will give you more accurate stock holding situation.(PCworld)

Note no Monitor but on pcwb HP w2008 £170inc Vat

so £720 for machine and 22 HP monitor plus maybe £5 del for monitor

any better???
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