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HP Omen 30L Gaming Desktop GT13-1047na (AMD R7 5800X & RTX 3080) - £1299 @ Amazon

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Seems like a good price for the specs.

*Sorry everyone on the late update of the specs on the "motherboard, cooling and power supply", so please find below the orange links for them, with more detail on what parts you're likely to be getting.*

Technical Specifications:

Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X (3.8 GHz base clock, up to 4.7 GHz max boost clock, 32 MB L3 cache, 8 cores)

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 (10 GB GDDR6X dedicated) with LHR

Hard Drive: 512 GB WD Black PCIe NVMe TLC M.2 SSD; 2 TB 7200 rpm SATA HDD

RAM: HyperX 16 GB DDR4-3200 XMP RGB MHz RAM (2 x 8 GB)

Wireless Type: Bluetooth, 802.11ax

Mother Board: Hana Micro ATX B550 motherboard

Cooling: Fans Provided by Cooler Master

Power Supply: Cooler Master 750W 80 PLUS PLATINUM ATX PSU
or 800W 80 PLUS GOLD

Here is a link containing more information about the Omen 30L except the graphics card on this link is a RTX 3060ti instead of an RTX 3080 so ignore that part: HP Omen 30L Specs

I know the cooling in this case is not the best but it should be fine for most people, just don't keep your PC on a carpet floor which could lead to bad airflow and more dust getting into your PC. But if you're someone who is looking for better cooling or has old parts/cases that have better cooling, you should be able to easily swap the parts around, just like how this guy has done:

Amazon More details at Amazon
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    I have an identical 3060ti variant, just want to highlight my experience:

    1. Right out of the box everything seemed fine until a week later, when it wouldn't wake up from sleep at all. It would just go to sleep mode and some lights to remain on, but no matter what I did, it wouldn't respond to anything including a forced shutdown. So I would have to unplug it from the wall to turn it off. Tried many things until I gave up and just turned off sleep mode completely.

    2. Not really important, but you can't control RGB on the RAM right out of the box. You have to do some stuff which I couldn't bother to.

    3. Thermals are what you expect (mine does have water cooling as well), but you can modify the case to improve it (just search on YouTube)

    4. Overall, wouldn't really complain about performance, specially if you paid a good price for it.

    EDIT: Just realised my PC has the 25L case which has worse air flow than this 30L, so this one should have better temps than mine (edited)
    To fix the sleep issue, you need to go into device manager, go to USB ports and then power management. Turn off the setting that allows the PC to turn off the power to the USB ports to save power. (edited)
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    My experience with HP Omen 30l pc’s have largely been positive.

    I originally bought the 3080, i7 version direct from HP about two years ago for just over £1.5k using student discount code, etc.. Paid extra for extended warranty at the time but have never needed to use it. A year after purchase, I couldn’t resist it when Amazon offered the 3080ti, i9 version for even less money.

    One word of warning about Amazon though. The Second PC bought from Amazon had been preregistered for warranty by about 4 months. Contacted Amazon CS who, to be fair quickly offered a partial refund of I think £60 to compensate for the loss of warranty period.

    Both PC’s have had RAM and SSD storage upgrades which I found reasonably simple. Both PC’s have pretty much been trouble free so can’t speak for HP tech support.

    I remember the second PC arrived with a crimped water cooling return tube. Luckily the problem was pretty obvious on inspection and was easily, though a little nervously corrected before I booted the PC for the first time. At the time I wondered whether similar production issues were the root cause of some of the more extreme overheating issues I’d read in other reviews.

    Noise wise, it can get a little loud but this is mainly during mid summer when I’m using both for VR gaming or with a pretty demanding AAA game such as Call Of Duty Vanguard, etc..

    As a few people have already said, bang for buck when discounted like this it would be difficult to find much better price/spec wise… (edited)
    Even with student discount, I'm amazed you got a 3080Ti i9 for under £1500 - that's incredible!

    Useful information, as I've just pressed the button and will be checking out the warranty when it arrives!
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    The CPU, RAM and cheapest 3080 are ~£1188 on ebuyer. So yeah this may not be the best PC in the land but a mobo, case, PSU, 512gb nvme and windows for just over £100 and it's ready to go on delivery is a barg if you just want plug and play. (edited)
    This was my rationale after stalking Desktop PC deals for longer than I'd like. Actually a relief to just commit to a purchase and stop the search.
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    HP Omen... after the warranty, they will force you to use their services. They will decline any requests for schematics or motherboard view. So, if something happens you're screwed. The minimum price for the service it's £450. They said that blueprints are not available for third-party IT workshops. I'm actually in dispute with them. My OMEN laptop died after six months of one year warranty. Barely used. I think we will end up in court.
    Buy on a UK credit card and claim under S75
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    Keep in mind their custom mobo and power supply got no wiggle room if you want to change something later on. If not plans of adding extra drives or swapping gpu - it's fine.
    Hi, I've updated the specs on the motherboard and power supply that you're likely to get, please find this information on the description.
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    I also wasn't expecting to be spending £1300 today either!

    Well, sort of didn't £108.25 a month for 12 months, 0%. The way interest rates are, that money better in my account than theirs

    Stupid question... what's in the box? I presume it's just the PC, no keyboard or mouse?
    Yeah I did the same with finance, silly not to
    It's just the PC as far as I know. The included keyboards/mice with prebuilts tend to be terrible e-waste anyway so I hope it doesn't come with any.
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    Can someone recommend a good monitor to match this PC please? 27" min

    The Dell is a good option which I purchased from John Lewis in the sale. If you want 4K gaming then you need £500+ (edited)
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    What CPU cooler does this have?
    Looks like a HP Omen AIO water cooler from the pics
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    Well I wasn't expecting to be spending £1300 this morning but here we are. Finally after many years struggling with my 980ti I've gone for this. Thanks for the heads up Shayman1992
    Let us know how you get on with it. Want to build my own rig later this year and finally move on from my alienware desktop with 1080 in it. Don't mind building but now there's a crossover where prebuilds are becoming cheaper than buying parts seperately and DIY'ing it.
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    Hotter than the sun.....in that case!
    Luckily all parts can easily be swapped over to a better case if you choose to do so
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    If youre a little technical and have patience and can find the parts yourself for about the same cost then do it yourself, you will know exactly what's going in it and you get the satisfaction of building your own.
    Not for a 3080. I've been struggling to get a decent chip/mobo with a 3070 for £1400. As others have said, this won't be the best mobo or psu but with that gpu - even I'm tempted!
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    Shame no I7's at this price as the R7 really holds the power of a 3080 back
    The AMD hating FED is here
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    Same for me I have been looking for a while to upgrade and was going to do a build my self but for this price, I just went for it 😁
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    I've got this exact same model, great machine
    How's the temps? Is performance hampered by inadequate thermals or is it ok?
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    Hope this sells out by the time I have a beer tonight!😁
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    So what I'm getting from the rocket scientist/brain surgeon responses is if you spent another £400-500 and built it yourself you'd get a better PC?

    Thanks guys!

    Any chance any of you could tell me if bears poop in the woods?

    And the religious status of the pope?
    My mate builds PCs for a living and said he can't come close with a 3070 (albeit with branded parts). This mobo seems to be an HP one and probably lower spec than you'd buy separately and the psu probably is just about capable.

    My biggest question was whether I go for a 3080 (about 10% better than the 3070) or stick with 3070 and pay an extra £100 for branded components. I opted for this one.

    Bears only poop in the woods if you see them do it.

    To my knowledge, the pope is still currently religious... most probably (edited)
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    I got the 3070 version for £949. Pleased with it; build quality good. get rid of the HP bloatware and it's performing well for me. Having done home builds for years I wanted a warranty and no faff when my last homebuild started intermittent boot
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    I almost went for this but opted for the Hellfire with an i5 13600k with 16gb 3600mhz ram for £1294. I know it only has a 3070 but will more than meets my needs and better allows for a future GPU when required/prices/options come around. + a second NVME drive. (edited)
    I thought about sticking with the 3070 but I know for a fact that I'll never justify spending over £400 on a GPU as an upgrade to something that still works. I don't see prices dropping massively in the gpu market until there's a seismic shift in technology!
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    Sick of waiting on a gaming laptop deal so just bought this instead. Thanks for posting
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    Nice one, heat added and ordered. Just told my wife it was a huge doorbell to buy me some time
    I'll try that excuse
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    Define hassle, right?!

    Some of the things that people consider a hassle are fun to me to do but, for instance, let's say you want to replace the cooler with something more appropriate and quieter.

    The CPU cooler mounting plate, for reasons best know to HP, is non-standard and it's on the reverse side of the motherboard, so in other words if you've bought that amazing Noctua air cooler, or what have you, you've got to dismantle the computer to get to that mounting plate and replace it!

    To me, at that point, you'd be better taking the opportunity to replace the case and motherboard, just transplant the components over, it takes a lot less time than the many mods you could end up doing.

    Anyway, assuming you don't mind hassle, it gets worse. The non-standard CPU cooler mounting plate is glued on. As you'll see in the videos, you can remove it, very carefully, very patiently, with a plastic prying tool but it's not for the faint hearted, it's not without risk.

    So, let's say you've replaced the CPU cooler with something a lot quieter, less thermal throttling under load, etc. Let's say you've added heatsinks with thermal glue to some of the components on the cost-cutting motherboard. You're not bothered about voided warranties. Let's say, with all the components removed from the case, you do some full-on case mods, vacuum up metal shavings, add fans. Let's say you do the GPU mod, which is arguably the most harrowing of all (again, Youtube). Let's say you do all that.

    You're then still stuck, as Linus and the other big review channels point out, with the bios that the motherboard came with.

    So, in other words, your computer is (much) quieter, less thermal throttling, good stuff, stuff that I enjoy doing but I trained as an AV tech for two years, I'm not very risk averse, even after doing all that, there's just no performance mode in the bios, or at least not to take advantage of your now cool and quiet computer, that you did all that work on.

    I don't have it in for HP (or Dell or Lenovo), they are built to a cost, it's a different market compared to the Cyberpower/AWD-IT, etc, market, no competitive gamer would buy a 30L and most of us, I think, myself included, aren't competitive gamers looking to eek out the last ounce of performance. For me, though, an inaudible computer under load is important but if that doesn't matter to you, to me this seems reasonable value and some of the simpler, less invasive mods help a bit.

    Hot - no pun intended.
  22. Avatar
    @sarden84 what's your thoughts on this please?
  23. Avatar
    I remember selling my 3080 to a miner for £1250 lol
  24. Avatar
    Always imagine building a pc then filing it up with the suggested liquid, 30 litres, lol. Bye bye!
  25. Avatar
    Had ordered at £1399 and not yet dispatched, trying to ask Amazon to refund the difference but they say they can’t, I thought they could?
    Cancel and reorder
  26. Avatar
    Great price.
  27. Avatar
    Most reviews of Omen desktops I’ve read or watched talk about less than stellar thermal performance. You’re probably better off with a legion equivalent if you want a pre built.
    I can't find a Legion PC with a 3080 anywhere near that price - can you suggest one?
  28. Avatar
    It's been a long time since I've ordered a branded pre build, and this is a huge deals for the specs but they always save on psu and mobo, trying to find details of the mobo
    Hi, I've updated the specs on the motherboard and power supply, that you're likely to get, please find this information on the description.
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    4070ti at rrp of ~800 and performance of 103% of 3090 is out today. Better to get that if you after 4K or ultra wide experience. Only slighty more expensive than 3080 but you do get the same price to performance
    I know what your saying but I'm always waiting and when it does come out it's always out of stock instantly and then on eBay at a big markup so thought sod it I'll get this. It's in stock and a big jump up from the 980ti I have now.
  30. Avatar
    I was going to go for the Hellfire but I think I may go for this instead. 
  31. Avatar
    Been needing to upgrade from my 1060. Went for this deal thanks
  32. Avatar
    Any better deals than this about at the moment?
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