HP omen with GTX £649.99 / £661.09 delivered @ Overclockers

HP omen with GTX £649.99 / £661.09 delivered @ Overclockers

Found 6th Feb
Just spotted this. Good all round laptop that I can do gaming on too for £649 :-)

On other sites at £799!
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6gen i5 old gpu for 650? 🤔
This is wayyyy old.
That old 950 is not going to get you much, I tend to find if you want to play anything before 2016, you'd be OK. New games, they perform a bit naf.
You can buy a 7th gen i5 with MX150 for £599 at ebuyer.com that'd be better than this plus it's not an HP. Don't know if this has an M2 to add an SSD or not but the MSI at ebuyer.com does.

The MX150 is as good as the old 950 and much much more energy efficient too.
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