HP Pavilion DV2 - 1030EA .2GB.320GB.12.1".DVD-SM.Vista Home Prem.Notebook £299.99 @ Play

HP Pavilion DV2 - 1030EA .2GB.320GB.12.1".DVD-SM.Vista Home Prem.Notebook £299.99 @ Play

Found 9th Jul 2010
seems like a really decent price for a machine sitting at the upper end of the netbook scale...slightly bigger screen than usual too.

i'd definately take a stab at this if i had £300 lying around.

has a decent gfx card, plenty memory and a big hd for a pc this size.
seems to get 4/5 from most reviewers back when it was released last spring at £600. major downfall is a not-great battery life which i suppose may or may not matter for you. perfect for surfing on the couch i'd say.

HDMI output too.

some reviews :


please all buy it so it goes out of stock i dont end up doing a drunken impulse buy over the weekend :-)


Good price if you have W7.

wwan on this one?

£50 extra buys you a Asus UL30a from CPW, which has a better processor. more ram, better keyboard and larger screen. This though has an external DVD drive though.
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