HP Pavilion DV6-3125SA - £377 Instore @ Asda

HP Pavilion DV6-3125SA - £377 Instore @ Asda

Found 31st Mar 2011
My brother text me this, he was in ASDA and seen the above mentioned laptop for £377, looks like a good price.
Unsure if it's nationwide, you would have to check with you local
Just a heads up.

Not online, i've checked.

HP Pavilion DV6-3125SA
i5 Processor
ATI HD5470/512
DVD Drive
15.6" HD BV LED Screen
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which asda ?
Aberdeen (sorry forgot to mention that).
Good spec and price but not great reviews on Amazon...

Good spec and price but not great reviews on … Good spec and price but not great reviews on Amazon...[url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.amazon.co.uk%2FPavilion-DV6-3125SA-Notebook-Processor-Bluetooth%2Fdp%2FB00440D91E]http://www.amazon.co.uk/Pavilion-DV6-3125SA-Notebook-Processor-Bluetooth/dp/B00440D91E[/url]

The last HP laptop i purchased as a xmas present lasted all of a year before it screwed up.
But the price seem alright for what you get.
I just sent my HP DV6 laptop back after one day, it was dreadful.. The trackpad was awful.... Sorry but spec is good but I wont be buying another HP item ever again.....

Good price however poor product - Not voted either way
good price but had a nasty experience with a HP before so kinda puts me off them.

good spec for the price though.

That is a very hot laptop and a great spec. My DV-6 has lasted around 18 months of daily use without skipping a beat. Brilliant machine. £599 on the HP site.
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I saw this in gramgemouth Asda the other day but no price was shown. My dv5 is going strong after 2 years and pretty much **** all over most other people's laptops. I know this is a different model, but let's not condemn all HP's just because some people bought crap models in the past.
Seems an awesome deal. Anyone found stock in other stores at this price?
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