HP Pavillion Desktop PC P4 3ghz, 512mb, 160gb, DVD Writer, £209 delivered

HP Pavillion Desktop PC P4 3ghz, 512mb, 160gb, DVD Writer, £209 delivered

Found 1st Dec 2006
I bought one of these earlier and it dissapeared from the clearance items, but have seen them on there before.

Basically it's a clearance item, so refurbished stock.

£199 plus £10 delivery. Bargain if you ask me.

Please don't blame me though if your order get's cancelled, I bought a laptop from their clearance lines and the order was cancelled, but there we go, always worth a try. The fact that when I bought the same thing earlier it dissapeared off the clearance items tells me they are releasing one of these at a time.

Can also go through Quidco.

Gone already! However, there will be more, so I won't say that this offer is expired as more should be back going on what I have seen over the past few days. Just got to keep checking the clearance part of empiredirect.co.uk
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Gone already

Even search the site - no luck


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Gone alreadyEven search the site - no luckEliTom

Yer, keep checking. You have to be quick with these. If it helps, I have found they usually put them up around 10am, 1pm and 5pm. Might be just me though. I've been checking loads and finally got it!

I was going to expire it, but if you say they get them in often, perhaps you can check it out every so often and bump it up. Thanks Looks worth the money...

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Can expire it if you like, but it seems they drip feed stock and it goes quick. I'm often checking it for bargains myself, so will nab them if I see them!

I was looking at one of these just 2 days ago, clicked to add it to my basket and it had gone in the time I had clicked 'add'. Got one succesfully today though.

I'll leave it open, just in case someone spots something and makes a big saving then ;-) Thanks!
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