HP Photosmart A436 Printer & M627 Camera for £55.84 Delivered
HP Photosmart A436 Printer & M627 Camera  for  £55.84 Delivered

HP Photosmart A436 Printer & M627 Camera for £55.84 Delivered

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HP Photosmart A436 Printer & M627 Camera

The perfect combination for the budding photographer, this is the HP PhotoSmart A436 and the HP M627 digital camera. Now you can take sharp and crisp photos in a 7 megapixel resolution, then print them out on the printer to enjoy warm colours thanks to advanced thermal inkjet technology.

Thanks to the portability of the battery-backed HP Photosmart A436 printer, you're ready to create photos just about anywhere! Improve your shots with red-eye reduction, and accurately capture precious moments thanks to through-the-lens metering. As an added benefit, the HP M627 camera also lets you take close-up pictures of small objects, thanks to macro focusing.

The compact photo printer is ready for your M627 digital camera to dock into, ensuring you can produce glossy photos quickly and easily. The HP Photosmart A430 Portable Photo Studio delivers instant drying, smudge-resistant result when used in conjunction with HP advanced photo papers and Vivera inks.


i cant find any information on the printer or bundle costs for this but it looks like a corker!

£300+ on Amazon!

Looks like a good buy, voted hot. :thumbsup:

looks red hot! anyone have any idea of ink costs?:roll:

How strange... my daughter just broke mine like this. Going to check it out now.

Great deal just ordered needd a new camera bargain

yer? how much did u pay for yours?


£55.84 :d

Doh just realised 5% cashback on quidco too

wow hot as..........!

just ordered thru quidco so 5% off if tracks o.k. ...p.s. did have out of stock notice pop up ,tried again then went thru.

Ordered via quidco. Voted hot!

just ordered one. i wasnt looking for one but my camera is only 2mp, so this camera is far to much of a bargain to say no

I see someone got the misco email as well........ these are pretty decent camera's - for the kids etc.....:whistling:

looks hot just ordered thanx

Yup, this looks like a good deal to me! This will do just fine for the wife, she's wanted her own digi camera for yonks. And with the ability to print them off, perfect!

Heat and rep added. Thanks for sharing....


looks red hot! anyone have any idea of ink costs?:roll:


Ink cartridges are the HP110 cartridges, from what I can tell only 5ml capacity, so very small and will run out quickly. HP siste says it will do approx 55 photos. Its a 3 colour cartridge, no Black needed. Works out around £10 per cartridge #CB304AE, although a few sites on Google products list it as low as £1.59 in a bundle but surprisingly no stock - expected 10-15 days.
You can also get a pack which has the paper and cartridge in #Q8898AE . Do a Google on this code and it works out around £23 + delivery and you get 140 sheets of paper plus cartridge. Ebay sellers seem to do it a few pounds less though delivered. So not cheap really once you start using it. Go to Tescos or somewhere else for printing though, its not as convenient but far cheaper if you use it a lot.

Noticed its a discontinued product on the HP website so expect all the other websites with £200+ prices to drop like a stone. Still a good price for a 7mp camera at the moment though, so even for that if you dont use the printer once the free cartridge and paper runs out its probably worth it. Voted hot just for that.

Original Poster

Why the cold votes may i ask?!!!!

thanx for info zax _k ,davej1710.. on ink replacement much appreciated,. hot for me

Hope its as good as you all seem to think! I've just ordered one so fingers crossed! Thx for tip. Just hope that the shutter delay isn't as bad as the Samsung I bought. By the time the shutter closed if your subject moved you ended up with half a picture!

Voted hot.

Just noticed that Play.com do the photo paper and cartridge bundle for £16.99 delivered - play.com/PC/…nre

Out of stock at the moment but worth stocking up when they're in, and better value than just the ink at about £12. Quidco 4% cashback too.

Cheap 2gb SD cards on play.com too at £5.99 delivered - play.com/Ele…tml. Quidco again on that too.

Good deal might get one...good value really.

Nowhere else selling for less than £150 plus. This is a great price for a 7mp camera AND printer.........Not sure why this isn't scoring higher with people? Good post :thumbsup:

thank's, just ordered one for the mother in law

I've just bought it! . Thanks!

Nice find

Cold voted because HP really can't make camera's, they're shockingly bad. Even HP have admitted how bad they are when they recently announced that they are going to stop manufacturing them.

Hewlett-Packard is retreating from the digital camera business. It will … Hewlett-Packard is retreating from the digital camera business. It will stop manufacturing its own cameras, and take a $30 million charge to refocus investments on its Print 2.0 strategy, which involves making Web content easier to print and encouraging more printouts. (Remember, HP makes a huge chunk of its money selling ink cartridges).


It's a good one for little kids, cos you won't mind too much when thy break it, but don't expect any half-decent quality photos from this setup. Oh, and I can guarantee that you'll use the (smaller) ink cartridges that come with the printer 'till they're empty, then never buy any more, because why buy ink for a printer that can only print photo's when its cheaper to get them printed either online or on the high-street.

Shutter-lag will be as bad or worse than other cheap branded camera's.

Admittedly a good deal (for price), but I wouldn't go anywhere near either product, even at half this price.

Just got one through quidco,
but nothing about 5% money I saved,ps its the first time I have bought this way so dont know if I I did it right ,any help please.

did you allow cookies calpekid should track if you did

none in stock now

Bought one this morning. Thanks, voted hot, hot, hot...

Im not sure whether to go for this cheaper option, or go for a better one, maybe without a printer and just go into shops with my SD card to print etc

mine just arrived pix ect excellent keep your eyes on it,itmay reappear,thanx O P

yippee i have just received mine. just got to charge the batterys up now


yippee i have just received mine. just got to charge the batterys up now

I received mine last night when I got home from work. The batteries take 20 hours to fully-charge.

Wow. Bargain though.

need a memory card for it now coz i can only take 12 pics at the mo. think ive found one on ebay 1mb for around £5. just got to check its the right one with my brother in law before a purcase it.

But im loving the camera, what a bargain

That was a great deal. Mine has just arrived. Thanks OP.

There was a tiny piece of one of the hinges broken off but I can't be bothered to send it back for a replacement as it was so minor, and at that price..... WELL!

P>S> can one of the super HUKD'lers PM me and tell me how to add rep 4 people and view my comments and posts I have to search for items and then read all comments as i'm not sure what to do.

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