HP Photosmart eStation Wireless Print/Copy/Scan/Android Tablet instore @Staples £189

HP Photosmart eStation Wireless Print/Copy/Scan/Android Tablet instore @Staples £189

Found 5th May 2011
Saw this printer at half price in the Finnieston Glasgow branch, it is an interesting prospect if you are wanting a printer.

Not only is it a wifi A4 printer/scanner copier etc, it has a 7 inch android tablet on it. Not a great tablet, but better than many you see on here from Dealextreme:
Freescale i.MX51 processor running at 800MHz, 512MB of RAM, and 4GB of internal storage

Anyways, at half price it is tempting. Reading about on Modaco, seems you can put open app stores, Amazon's android app store (is that working in the UK yet?) and other app launchers, so it should be fairly serviceable.

Can't really justify it myself, but looks fun at least.

(full price link)


Overpriced, even at half price, Ridiculous gimmick, poor reviews.

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I know it might not be the best printer in the world, and I appreciate all the cold votes (I don't regret not buying it)... but if you were *foolishly* going to buy this, they also do 10% off stuff with the loyalty card I think.

Seemed like a good price and a fun idea, but if it is poorly executed - then never mind.
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