HP Photosmart F4280 All-in-One printer £30.12 delivered @ ebuyer

HP Photosmart F4280 All-in-One printer £30.12 delivered @ ebuyer

Found 14th Feb 2009
Good price for something that scans, prints and copies


printer price is great, althogth the printer food price is less so: black cart @ £10ish and colour at £12. can't immediately see any cheaper compatibles but I'm sure they will be available at more reasonable prices.

Can't go wrong at that price. Yes HP inks are not the cheapest but put the £15-20 saving towards the cost of a set of inks and you have a good printer at a reasonable price. You will presumably also get a starter (1/2 full) set of inks with the printer too.

Beter description and pictures.


nice printer great price

I got one of these several weeks ago in the argos deal - this printer + wireless usb print server for ~£50.
Though rather ridiculously I have the printer within 3 feet of my wireless router; however it does what I need it to - allow the printer to be shared across the network without needing the printer host machine to be active.

The printer has been good so far - several orders of magnitude better than the other ****** old printers we have lying around the house.

The ink (HP300) is pretty hard to come by at the moment; presumably because this is a relatively new model, and as others have pointed out it's rather expensive with no cheaper alternatives at the moment.

Be warned the printer does not come with the necessary USB data cable. (USB Type AType B)
I was fortunate as the print server (free with the argos deal) did include the cable.

Poundland currently has Retractable 70cm USB A type cable with 2 adapters (Type B & Mini B) for..... £1.
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