HP W2207 - 22" Monitor £204 delivered with Voucher @ HP STORE!
HP W2207 - 22" Monitor  £204 delivered with Voucher @ HP STORE!

HP W2207 - 22" Monitor £204 delivered with Voucher @ HP STORE!

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A monitor with extreme resolution at 1680 x 1050 for bright, awesome graphic quality. Perfect for videos, photo editing or gaming on your PC

Normally £239.99 !


lovely monitor. i have it. dont forget quidco either!!

this deserves a boost - why not edit to add in the specs?



this deserves a boost - why not edit to add in the specs?

or even put the price in the title :whistling:


Not quite sure why this is a bargain when there have been several 22" monitors posted here with prices well under £200...

this is an excellent monitor. There are other, cheaper, but not up to the standard of this one.

i don't get the resolutions on lcd's, i mean if 1680x1050 is considered *extreme* on a 22", then how come i used to get 1600x1200 on even the cruddiest 17" crt's five years ago?

widescreen of course kills the resolution a bit - because most manufacturers just reduce the vertical instead of increasing the horizontal to make widescreen (why my 15.4" widescreen laptop has a smaller visible area than my 14.1" regular laptop!)

For those with access to Bowlers Computer fair in Trafford Park (on Saturdays), Manchester...there is a reputable dealer in the middle of the second hall regularly doing a 22" monitor with a 5ms rate for £165. It looks the nuts playing an NVIDIA demo DVD.


Price added to title.

Just to add my 2 pence in, I took the time to go a see one of these in the comet store today, and have to say impressed, VGA and DVI (which dont happen for all 22") and also has height adjustment, which I can comfirm is a good thing, rather than straining your neck. Screen looks amazing and seening as your going to spend most of your time looking at it!!!!.

HOT from me, may be not the ultimate bargain of the century, but a excellent screen at a very good price:thumbsup:

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Yeah its a brill screen!

Was thinking about buying this panel myself but noticed that HP have just released a newer model, the w2207h panel (w/ higher contrast ratio/HDMI).
Info: ]http//h1…tml
Available to pre-order @ ]http//ww…153

I think this ]LG monitor is a better deal it has a 3000:1 contrast ratio for £219.99.

Qazim - your link is wrong. It sends you to the old model (w2207) which is no longer available from HP.

I assume you were referring to the new model (w2207h). The difference is that the newer model supports HD and has a dynamic contrast of 3000:1 (not sure what that means as it still states a normal contrast ratio of 1000:1!).

This can be found at:


I actually bought this monitor myself last week (they had a free delivery offer on too so I got it for £199). I have to say it's a good looking screen. Not the best panel in the world, but what it lacks in technical specs it makes up for in looks!

+ the next best price I could find was £239 from Comet.
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