HP Wireless Keyboard K2500 £9 Sainsbury's

HP Wireless Keyboard K2500 £9 Sainsbury's

Found 3rd Aug 2016
Liberate yourself from cables with the HP K2500 Wireless Keyboard. Its simple plug-and-use USB Nano dongle gives wireless connection, adjustable legs promote wrist comfort, while the Windows button provides instant access to features in Windows 8.
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I am typing on this keyboard, at this moment. I think it's worth the asking price. Mini review, below, though keeping in mind that keyboard preference is in many ways a very subjective one.

The keyboard's shell is relatively stiff compared to some of the other cheap keyboards that I have, though obviously if you hold it on either end and twist it, it twists easily, could be better braced/stiffer but, comparatively speaking, it doesn't feel horrendously cheap; I can use in bed or on my lap without hating it. When the warranty expires I might try hot gluing it. I can never understand why keyboard makers don't use jut a little more plastic to make the shells flex/creak less; some people prefer to use a keyboard on their lap.

The keys are fairly light touch, which I like personally, they have a decent amount of up-down travel, I think, and the plastic is not nearly as waxy as the Trust keyboard I have, which has a less sprightly tactile feel when typing than the HP. The keys are slightly damped/comparatively quiet. Still, as a main keyboard, I marginally prefer my cheap Microsoft and Logitech keyboards. The keys are matt/slightly stippled compared to my Microsoft keyboards.

I am usually not a fan of HP products due to bad quality control experiences/failures with their laptops and printers but, so far, I am happy enough with this keyboard. Everyone has their preferences, keyboard wise, but my two pence is that it looks pretty good on the desk, being a fairly dark shade of black and, being non-shiney, not a fingerprint magnet.

The one negative on my sample is that the wireless strength is fairly poor compared to my other wireless keyboards but I got a usb 2 extension cable to get a full line of sight and it's fine, now; at first I thought I had a defective keyboard while trying to type in my login password.

I hope my highly subjective review helps someone. Not blazingly hot, it's very much a budget keyboard, but, at the price, glad I picked it up, would buy it again at the price, have some heat.
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