HP Xmas Laptop Sale
HP Xmas Laptop Sale

HP Xmas Laptop Sale

Hp having a Xmas sale...Some of the laptops seem good although pricy. But if you have the money and wanted a high spec laptop some of these seem worth it . Also deals on smaller laptops but not as much reduction.

Here are some i find more worthwile:
h40059.www4.hp.com/uk/…ect ..should be able to play most modern games at decent settings with those specs

h40059.www4.hp.com/uk/…ect ....more expensive but specs are very high.


remember Bumpgate

remember HP10OFFER and 8% quidco. lol

Distinctly underwhelmed by HP's "savings"!

With Sandy Bridge almost upon us, buying yesterday's laptops might be a mistake. I'm waiting for the SB Dell XPS 17. Don't know what this will cost yet but if it's anything like the current XPS 17 pricing, it will be brilliant value for money.

What is up with the retarded "BrightView" screens. Can we PLEASE go back to matte now! Or at least offer it as an option.


remember HP10OFFER and 8% quidco. lol

Quidco doesn't seem to work with this link, which goes to the 'Staff and Students' store. It does work on the normal store, but the prices there are higher for the same items, ie one that is £317 on the OP's link is £349 from their main site.
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Some good deals on there looking at this one myself
£312 for a entry level dual core 2.1 can't be bad. 2 year warranty looks good too.
Thanks op going to have a look around, the code posted doesn't work.
EDIT: Like max says went through the main site and different price but the code works so brought it down to similar price.However using the quidco, this way should make it even cheaper.
EDIT, EDIT: The 2 year warranty says " 2 Year Warranty Offer -
Offer ends Tuesday 30th November 2010" but still advertises it, not sure about this.
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