HQ Optical TOSlink 3 Port Switch £4.45 Delivered @ Amazon
HQ Optical TOSlink 3 Port Switch £4.45 Delivered @ Amazon

HQ Optical TOSlink 3 Port Switch £4.45 Delivered @ Amazon

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I need one of these, Cheapest i could find delivered.

Silver finish
TOS link compatible
Input indicator
Spring loaded switch that locks into place

This switching box is just what you need. It has one output which you connect to your home cinema amp and 3 inputs to which things such as DVD, playstation 2, X Box, CD, Mini disc etc.... can be connected. Any of your 3 inputs can then be selected with the switch.


good price,i got one of these and they are decent

good price but a lot of poor reviews, i need one but dono bout this
not voting lol

I bought one of these and it was useless. So much interference when you switched sources...its cheap for a reason...

I also tried this model, couldnt get on with it. Theyve designed it in a way that you need access to the device to turn the dial, but youve got 4 optical cables spread over a wide arc. I found the cables keep popping out or dislodging slightly (optical cables havent got the best connector in the world to stay in with)

I bought this one a couple of years ago, its rubbish. It didn't work on some ports but annoyingly sometimes it did; if that makes sense to any of you.

I've got one of these but just got a constant echo,I don't know whether it was this port switch or the set up. I gave it up as a bad job in the end.

I had this for a year or two, and it worked fine. Does what it says on the tin.

I've since upgraded to a digital audio/video switch though, so no more manually turning to the new inputs for me.

Can anyone recommend a decent one of these then? I need to connect my ps3, xbox360 and sky through my surround sound and at the moment I'm just swapping the tos link cable

I have one of these and it is fine in connecting the PS3, DVD and Sky box to a single Sony receiver. Had no problems at all...

I have one of these, (not bought from this seller, but it looks identical), and it's fine.
Yes you have to have access to the switch, but it's a manual switch, that's kinda taken for granted.
You simply squeeze the sides of the switch which disconnects the current port, rotate the switch to the new position and then release the sides to allow it to lock into place.
Works fine for me, no problems at all

Got one too, hit and miss. Does work and no echoing but as others have said the cables keep popping out.

i've got a couple of these from amazon and they work fine. just squeeze and move. use cables from poundland and you got dvd, xbox and ps3 connected at the same time, and a £15 hdmi splitter box from play

I bought one of these from Cable Universe together with some of their budget Toslink cables. They arrived quickly and worked perfectly with my Yamaha AV receiver, PS2, XBox and PC. The switch feels quite cheap, so I was surprised it works as well as it does.

It would appear that the combinations of source, receiver and cable condition plays a large part in whether these work for people or not.

Have one of these, it worked great. It was a little large even without cables attached and it is a case of manual switching but it solved a problem I had perfectly.

For those that say that the cables keep popping out...

How much strain are you putting on the cable?
Also, (and don't take this the wrong way), are you sure you are pushing the optical cables in all the way?

I know when I put mine together the cable just 'slips' in the first little way, but then there are a couple of locating barbs on the cable which grip the switch connector. It takes a bit of effort to push in the optical lead 'properly' and get it to click into place, but once done there is no-way my optical leads would ever 'pop' out, in fact it would take a bit of effort to remove them again.
I'm just wondering if those that are getting a bad quality connection and are having the cables pop out perhaps just aren't properly locating the cables into the sockets in the first place?

seriously no idea how tu can have the wires popping out,they actually click in.
i have had 3 diffferent surround sounds sincei got my optical splitter and its worked perfect with all of them.
using sky,cable,ps3,xbox360.

i would have to yank or pull quite hard for mine to come out and there bog standard optical cables
i have never experienced bad audio from it either and as said above u push in,then a bit of pressure to click it in place and its locked in solid

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Thanks for the feedback. going to give it a try.
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