HSBC Student Account: Get £15 UCAS Fee Back
HSBC Student Account: Get £15 UCAS Fee Back

HSBC Student Account: Get £15 UCAS Fee Back

To apply for Student Service you must:

* be 17* or over and about to take a qualifying full-time undergraduate course of two years or more at a UK, Channel Islands or Isle of Man university/college or a part-time course with a Disability Student Allowance

* have been a resident in the UK, Channel Islands or Isle of Man for three years or have a bank account with a member of the HSBC Group

* not hold any student accounts elsewhere.

* To take advantage of the UCAS application fee refund offer you must bring your UCAS welcome letter into branch.


Does this work if you pay via a different bank account?

I ask as I just payed mine this morning using my mums account as I didnt have enough in mine.

yeah same as above, I used a diff card when I did this last year

So in other words, £15 if you open a student account?

no, it costs you £15 to sign up to UCAS (which is were you apply for what uni you want to go too). Im guessing if your with HSBC they will refund you the £15

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yeahh should work, you just have to show them the ucas letter when opening a new account. It's a great deal, for people going to uni next year, you get the fee "refunded". Not through ucas but hsbc will give you it.

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As it says on the picture


I found this advert on the UCAS website.

There will be much better offers than just getting £15 back if people wait until next summer before opening one.

Reckon you might want to spend some time looking for the bank that's offering the most money interest free in an overdraft - £15 is less than once bounced cheque. I remember picking RBS because they gave me a £10 railcard discount thing, and they were the worst (at the time...long, long time ago) for charging the earth for overdrafts...I probably paid them at least £200 in my first year in various fees - and I realised I wouldn't have had to pay any of them if I'd have gone with Midland (see, told you it was ages ago...they're HSBC now) who gave huge interest free overdrafts.

Plus; you'll get better offers from other banks than just £15 ucas fee back. Didn't one give away an ipod?

HSBC don't over graduate interest-free overdrafts! Steer clear! Many banks do offer this service. I am with HSBC but I'm going to switch student accounts as soon as I get the time to organise it so that I don't end up immediately paying interest when I graduate.

Just got my ucas pack and theres a hsbc leaflet inside that says if your an existing hsbc customer then you can change to a student account and get the money back.
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