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Garmin Fenix 5 Plus - £433.80 with code @ H.S. Johnson
Found 16th JanFound 16th Jan
Not the cheapest it's been but certainly cheaper than anywhere else at the moment

Thanks, I'll try that. There's not a huge selection.


Yeah. Got the Kimilar one and despite saying its only for the non plus 5 it works great.


Yeah, my thoughts too. Did you just get one from Amazon?


I couldn't justify the extra cost for sapphire so settled for a screen protector. The scraping of the black model is a big complaint. I just got a screen protector.


Good to hear. I couldn't decide between this or the non plus and then it was sapphire screen or not. The black bezel looks better imo but it seems to scrape very easily.

Ted Baker George Silver Tone Wristwatch £85 H.S Johnson
Found 15th JanFound 15th Jan
Quick Search shows JL, Ted Baker and the Watch shop selling this watch for £145 - £165. Beaverbrooks have this at £92 which is also a decent deal. I believe Fossil make Ted Ba… Read more

Like pretty much everything else.


Will be a Chinese factory no doubt.


All I see is, "Seiko UK Limited is the UK distributor for Ted Baker and Kenneth Cole Watches." http://www.seiko.co.uk/about-us Can't find anything about manufacturing.


Don't forget 5‰ quidco


Ted Baker watches are from Seiko Uk..

Dreyfuss & Co DGS00164-19 Men's Classic Mechanical Wristwatch Was £995 Now £394, FREE Delivery @ H.S.Johnson
Found 12th JanFound 12th Jan
Dreyfuss & Co watches sometimes get negative comments because of their association with Rotary. This watch is different and stands on it's own, in that it is fitted with Etern… Read more
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£398 Amazon, ebay price is from H.S.Johnson's ebay account


These were favourably reviewed at £1k. I think they represent v good value but too big for my 6.75" wrist.


Nice watch! Same price on Amazon and FleBay though


Really like the look. Very similar to west ends that were recently produced which of course went on eBay as vintage watches in excellent condition and recently serviced.


Yeah my bad. They do make the 3902A I just assumed they would use it.

Garmin Fenix 5X Grey with Sapphire screen £433.80 with code @ HS Johnson
Found 16th Dec 2018Found 16th Dec 2018
Not sure if it's the cheapest it has ever been but not a bad price . The Fenix 5X Has the maps normally reserved for the 5 plus series and has much better battery life and Bluetoot… Read more

Out of stock


Just ordered, couldn't resist at that price £433 and 5x sapphire


It's an expensive watch and previously the retailer reverted the offer previously before I could expire it.


This is really a good price and I don’t know why it’s voted cold. You can have potential 5% cash back from Quidco too


It would do but you'll need to pair it with a hear rate monitor to get useful data for your workouts . The wrist based HR isn't really for strenuous exercise.

Black Friday deal: Garmin Fenix 5 plus £431.99 at HS Johnson
Found 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
Seems to be the best deal out there at the moment. £479.99 (which is already good), with another 10% using code 'HSJ10' taking price down to £431.99.

Good spot. I was too late. Price now £520 and out of stock


Original price 502 now


Anybody know how long the Black Friday price and the code last for?


Just bought one. This is the perfect watch for me


a very warm welcome to hukd newbie.have some heat :)

Garmin Fenix 5X £441 @  HS Johnson
Found 20th Nov 2018Found 20th Nov 2018
Garmin Fenix 5X for £441 when using code HSJ10 Seems like a respectable dealer so warranty shouldn't be a problem.

It’s out of stock now


Yeah that's weird because it's almost exactly the same product in every way.


Jeepers, I bought one for £12 last week: https://yogigolfer.com/collections/golf-essentials/products/fitness-tracker


Would be worth seeing if Blacks will price match for a further 10% off this price: https://www.blacks.co.uk/templates/blacks.co.uk/features/price_promise/terms.html


Tempted to order! Heat added

Skagen Falster 2 OS Wear Smart Watch at HS Johnson for £217.89 delivered (use code)
Found 11th Nov 2018Found 11th Nov 2018
New smart watch from Skagen. Has had postive reviews for design and features. £242.10 list price, Use code HSJ10 for £217.89 Free delivery.

a very warm welcome to hukd newbie.thanks for taking the time to post your deal today.heat added. :)


Nice looking watch, but after a couple of recent fossil/Skagen purchases, I'm of the opinion that the quality is not great. I'm in the process of sending a Skagen back currently. It had a very flimsy leather strap and one of the buttons wasn't seated in the case properly.


Very nice looking watch and thanks for posting (y) Still a bit out of my self imposed smartwatch budget restriction (fierce) ....put it this way, I got moto360 1st gen during the "Great John Lewis Moto360 Rush" of ye olde times, and now have a Zenwatch 2, which I got for 75quid......I'll probably get this when it's old and not supported!!! (y) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)




Nice find OP.

Pulsar PTA512X1 Ladies Classic Wristwatch FOR £14.99 Delivered (More in the Description) @ HSJohnson
Found 3rd Nov 2018Found 3rd Nov 2018
These can be great Christmas gifts. HSJohnson are a Pulsar UK authorized dealer. Pulsar are part of Seiko, Brand new boxed stock with full retail boxes & paperwork 2 ye… Read more

Great, thanks @Blurigard , Apprecite your favourites. :)


Well, Sam's statement has merit in this case - and not to bash your post, which had some good watches for the price. At the £15-25 bracket most watches are much the same, with mineral glass or plastic crystals and either no-name or cheap Miyota movements. However, you can get some nice looking watches from established fashion brands from TKMaxx at this price, which look perfectly good for the money. Here's one or two: Laura Ashely Pink Strap watch £16.99 https://www.tkmaxx.com/women/accessories/watches/pink-strap-watch/p/70032880 Limit Gold & Brown Round Watch £8.00 https://www.tkmaxx.com/men/accessories/watches+jewellery/watches/gold+brown-round-watch/p/70251308 Ben Sherman Navy Blue Dial Watch £14.99 https://www.tkmaxx.com/men/workwear/navy-blue-dial-watch/p/70186750 And my personal favourite, since they're designed just down the road from me in St. Andrews - and is a great reduction on the stock price - the Kartel, Grey Watch. It will also have a Miyota work-horse movement that is proven and reliable. The packaging on this item is also very good. This is one of their earlier designs and it is possible that it won't be a stainless steel case (they all do now), but at this price I wouldn't be expecting that. https://www.tkmaxx.com/men/accessories/watches+jewellery/watches/grey-canvas-circular-watch/p/70096497


Please name it, Sam.... love the input from you. :)


I checked Amazon before posting this, was £41 :)


I am sure Amazon would have better for this price to

60% discount on watch with mineral glass: Kenneth Cole KC15181004 Men's Blue Dial Wristwatch £56.55 @ HS Johnson
Found 20th Oct 2018Found 20th Oct 2018
It has a stainless steel bracelet. Water resistant to 30M Lifetime warranty 42mm round stainless steel case 10mm Case depth

Maranez Rawai 45 is a great looking watch. Saucer stylee!


My most expensive watch, a Maranez Rawai 45 in brass, has an acrylic domed crystal. It may pick up the occasional scratch but is very robust and not prone to shatter like the harder crystals. It's a really strong, properly waterproof watch for diving and the acrylic just adds to its battered charm with loads of patina on the brass.


Out of stock....boo!


There a big demand now a days for acrylic crystals, was looking at a re issue watch just the other day costing many hundreds and was fitted with an acrylic crystal. It would be a definite no for me but some will pay a lot of money for a watch with a bit of plastic protecting the dial. Strange world we live in, what next the Betamax videa?


As for hardness, acrylic : mineral : sapphire is like 1 : 7 : 20, I believe..

Pulsar mens watch - £35.70 @ H.S Johnson
Found 20th Oct 2018Found 20th Oct 2018
Original price was £150 + free delivery.
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The brand tgat brought the first ever digital watch.




Bought for myself thanks for the heads up


They don't advertise under your rock? Seriously? (shock)

Fenix 5 plus silver with black band £503.99 @ H.S Johnson
Found 6th Sep 2018Found 6th Sep 2018
Hopefully this is a good deal for someone out there, expensive but the best price at the moment with a 10% discount code HSJ10

I've got the Fenix 5 Plus and its very disappointing to be honest.Sleep tracking has never worked for me, its never tracked a night's sleep in 12 days of ownership.Garmin Pay believe it or not needs you to enter a PIN every 24 hours - so the 'contactless' feature is basically worthless and trying to tap in a PIN or a device with no touchscreen or keyboard isn't really easyI googled these issues and its not just me being daft, quite a few reports on Garmin forums.Our of interest I tried the Amazfit Stratos, and quite honestly at around 150 quid it makes the 5 Plus seem like awful value, unless I guess you do sport from a living.The actually sport-y side of the Garmin is of course excellent, but the Stratos does everything very well, if anything is has too many sports actually, many I'll never use. GPS accuracy for me is a big deal, and that is spot on on both.And just to show I have both right now so not just randomly typing nonsense, here is a photo that I took when decided to type up this post.Your money and your choice.... personally I'd pay no more than 450 tops for the 5 Plus, and I need them to make Garmin Pay useful, and the sleep tracking to work.


You won't know until you try, so go ahead, fill your boots and let's hear your opinion on what is an acceptable amount to spend on a watch?


So how much money should one spend on a watch that it wouldn't be classed as disgusting? (asking for a friend) ;)


Can also get this for £504 from Blacks as they will price match and beat by 10% Decathlon's price of £560


I hope you cope with your special requirement.

Pulsar PT3665X1 Gent's Chronograph Wristwatch £42 Delivered (plus more in post) @ HS Johnson
Refreshed 23rd Jul 2018Refreshed 23rd Jul 2018
Pulsar PT3665X1 Gent's Chronograph Wristwatch £42 Delivered (plus more in post) @ HS Johnson
£42£67.7938%H.S Johnson Deals
*Updated 23rd July - Pulsar PT3665X1 dropped in price by £8 to £42.99 plus a few Nautica watches added* Nice looking chronograph for the price. Pulsar are part of Seiko, and the w… Read more


Ordered. Thanks.


Can I get my emails on this?


Absolute dog sh't.


Don't like the custard look.

Boss Orange Men's Berlin Wristwatch £49 - Bulova men’s classic dress watch £52.24   (more in post) @ H.S. Johnson
Found 27th May 2018Found 27th May 2018
Boss Orange Men's Berlin Wristwatch £49 - Bulova men’s classic dress watch £52.24 (more in post) @ H.S. Johnson
Updated 26th June: Bulova Mens Classic watch sold out but other men's watches available including Boss Orange and Timex Boss Orange 1513287 Men's Berlin Wristwatch £49 and 2 yea… Read more
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Out of stock. But found for a similar price here: https://www.chapelle.co.uk/mens-bulova-dress-black-leather-strap-watch-96b283-80200013?


Thanks, makes the price even better (highfive)


Code “aff5” to bring it to £52.24


Nice for the price


Bargain mate (y) heat

Junkers 6704-2 Eisvogel F13 at HSJohnson for £421.50
Found 13th May 2018Found 13th May 2018
Junkers 6704-2 Eisvogel F13 at HSJohnson for £421.50
Junkers 6704-2 Eisvogel F13 Wristwatch General Features: Stop Second, Small Second, Date Model Series: Junkers Eisvogel F13 Colour: Black Water Density: 5 atm Case Glass… Read more

‘I’ve not heard of this brand so it must be junk. Argos don’t sell it so it can’t be good’ Heat from me my friend! Really good price (y) 😁


Ahh my bad, I saw the Serie: Junkers Eisvogel F13, and thought it was the same watch.


That's a different watch with a quartz movement and mineral glass. Same model is £650 https://www.timeshop4you.co.uk/watches/junkers/6704-2.htm :/


https://www.timeshop4you.co.uk/watches/junkers/6730-2.htm £225 from Germany free shipping. Some better designs on Amazon, at better prices.


I see what you did there. Clever girl.

Pulsar Men's World Rally Team Watch [PZ4035X1] + 2 year warranty £139 + Free Del @ HS Johnson (Also a Boss Men's Paris Wristwatch £85 see op)
LocalLocalFound 18th Apr 2018Found 18th Apr 2018
Pulsar Men's World Rally Team Watch [PZ4035X1] + 2 year warranty £139 + Free Del @ HS Johnson (Also a Boss Men's Paris Wristwatch £85 see op)
Different from my usual style, but I like it! It's not overly busy, looks a solid build with a leather band. in terms of the case size, it's within what I would call a reasonable r… Read more

when did pulsar get expensive. when I bought one 20 yrs ago they were dirt cheap like seconda and they were made if cheap metals that gave me a rash and left a green deposit under the battery area.


I like the Boss one.


Seems the silver stainless steel version is only £89Wish I could swap this face style onto the black bezel/strap one, would be perfect for me. Like this photoshopped one:Closest real one is this PZ4009X1 model but the strap and buttons don't quite do it for me:

Michel Herbelin 19515-TR22 Men's Ikone Grande Wristwatch, for £175.19 delivered @HSJohnson
Found 20th Mar 2018Found 20th Mar 2018
Michel Herbelin 19515-TR22 Men's Ikone Grande Wristwatch, for £175.19 delivered @HSJohnson

I love the Bauhaus design, simplicity and colour combinations. If only was an automatic ;)

Boss Orange 1513418 Men's Oslo Wristwatch for £49 delivered (More in post) @ HSJohnson
Found 4th Mar 2018Found 4th Mar 2018
Boss Orange 1513418 Men's Oslo Wristwatch for £49 delivered (More in post) @ HSJohnson
Boss Orange watch £49 Watch by BOSS Orange with a quartz movement and a stainless steel casing. The strap in brown, is crafted from leather and the cream dial completes the … Read more

Didn't the Nazis eat food? What's your point?


In what way?


I believe They designed the uniform


If you can find a Seiko 5 for a little more that will be a much better buy IMO and overall a lovely timepiece.


Its quartz