HTC Desire £15/month for 24 Months. 300 Mins/Texts + internet @BuyMobilePhones
HTC Desire £15/month for 24 Months. 300 Mins/Texts + internet  @BuyMobilePhones

HTC Desire £15/month for 24 Months. 300 Mins/Texts + internet @BuyMobilePhones

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Desire for £15 month for 24 months on t mobile

Will get 300 Mins and 300 texts and a choice of flexible booster - so you could pick internet with the booster.

phone costs £119.99 up front though. Good if you have the money to give upfront and if your ok with a 24 month contract. only £30 for 6 months of line rental on top of the 18 month deal posted and lower monthly cost.


out of stock...

or just go to T-Mobile directly and get:

300 mins UNLIMITED TEXTS AND UNLIMITED Internet for £15 a month + Quidco


100 mins unlimited texts and unlimited internet for £10 a month - £164.00 handset

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hell its not that cold. £25 a month vs £20 a month if your ok with signing p for 24 months.

That said the £25 deal is pretty hot..


or go here where it is only an 18 month contract,COLDHTC desire, slightly … or go here where it is only an 18 month contract,COLDHTC desire, slightly cheaper, free phone, free 3 months insurance, 300 mins + texts, unlimited web, free car charger, £25 a month,18 month contract + topcashback, t mobile, free phone @ MobilePhones Direct£30 cheaper and only 18 monthshttp://www.hotukdeals.com/item/649748/htc-desire-slightly-cheaper-free-ph

Yes I've been watching these deals with interst as I really want this phone. However I currently only pay £10 per month for 300 mins and 300 texts anyway, so I'm not really looking to increase my bill massively if I can help it. Although yours isn't too much difference over the year, its still £10 per month more, and at the end of the contract you would still have to pay unless you switched to a new one, and not everyone does, and no guarantee it will be any cheaper than what you have (I know as Virgin no longer do my deal, the update is not as good).
IMHO then I don't see why this deal is so cold.

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i used to have that virgin deal too, it was and still is the bees knees. i reckon this has been voted cold because of the 24 month contract. the only reason i would ever consider them is that they make the tariff cheaper and lets face it - im still gonna need a contract 19 months down the line plus if it saves me money a reasonable amount of money i'll do it.

that said, 36 months is far too long.

if you consider that you will still be paying £10 a month for your contract, you're still paying an extra tenner a month for the phone, which works out to £240 over two years which is not bad considering the phone is selling for £380 sim free if im not mistaken.

This is cold for me. The Desire is definately the phone to get but yesterday buymobilephones had this deal for £89.99 for the phone. Although its out of stock, they're expecting them back in next week so you could pre order. Id wouldnt do it out of principal, £30 more than yesterday.

I keep opening this thinking it sounds a good deal until I notice the £119.99 phone cost. It would be useful to add this to your title.
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