HTC Desire 300 £119 @ Tesco instore Tesco Mobile

HTC Desire 300 £119 @ Tesco instore Tesco Mobile

Found 7th Dec 2013
A ok phone, not as powerful as the moto g but ok price.
PAYG price is £109 + £10 top up

Other places seem to be around the £160+ mark.


Looks like a nice phone , but come on HTC , it only has 512mb RAM, 4gb storage and no camera flash , I have not checked the rest of the spec as these things have put me off it and the price is too high maybe ideal for someone who will not install any apps and just wants basic phone

The Moto G 8GB is better value and cheaper than this.

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Moto G is an alternative at this price range.

Moto G kills it dead

Good deal for this specific phone but the Moto G is a better option.


the usual spot

you never mentioned moto G

Every other budget smartphone has become irrelevant because of the Moto G. It's just that good.

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yep, I totally agree the Moto G is a more powerful phone. Just thought price wise compare to other places it's a good price.
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