htc desire £387.15 pre order sim free £387.15 @ handtec
htc desire £387.15 pre order sim free £387.15 @ handtec

htc desire £387.15 pre order sim free £387.15 @ handtec

Buy forBuy forBuy for£387.15
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not as good as the other sim only deal i posted now exp but not bad


Why no comments on this?
Is this a good deal for sim free? Need to know as REALLY want one!
My Heros days are numbered.

I have been looking around for a good deal on this phone. This website is the best I have found, in fact, as of today the website has reduced the phone to £386.58 which means it's £391.26 with the cheapest postage option.

One thing I have noticed is that prices are fluctuating regularly. They can go both up and down almost daily. So if you order today, you might see a better deal tomorrow. on the flip side it could go the way of the prepaymania deal and the price will sky rocket tomorrow.

I'm sure this is the nature of most things pre-ordered.

Thanks coolfool, Do you know if this company takes the money straight away or on dispatch?

I guess straight away as it says " [FONT=Arial][COLOR=#000080]Handtec Price Guarantee:[/COLOR] If the price drops before we dispatch - email us and we will refund the difference"[/FONT]:w00t:
Too right they should refund the difference.

Got a Hero at the moment and not sure if i can justify the expense but soo want one.:p

3casper3, you're assumption is correct; they will take the payment immediately.If the price goes down they will refund the difference, it it goes up it doesn't change at all. However, I think this only happens if we notice the price change and ask them for the refund. It's not automatic, which is sort of as expected.

I know what you mean, I don't really *need* a new handset but want one anyway!

Ordered, only site that confirms sim free. Lets hope it turns up soon.

Received mine. Came with 4gb Micro SD Card too

Now £410.65

Cancel that, back to £387

Ordered one on Monday night at above price, it should arrive tomorrow. The price has now gone up to £409.48 + delivery.

Is this usefull info to any one

HTC Desire free, 24 months, £25 pm 600 xnet, unlimited text and web.
Quidco = £25
3months half price line rent



Any comments I have just ordered, if there are any better offers you now i understand you have 14day return as longer as you do not open the box.
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