HTC Desire 510 from 02 Shop £109 with sim £109 @ O2

HTC Desire 510 from 02 Shop £109 with sim £109 @ O2

Found 27th Sep 2014
My wife became fed up of her iPhone and said she wanted to go back to android.

She said she wanted a cheaper phone that still had 4g, I suggested the moto g 4g, but she wasn't too keen and honestly the screen seemed rather dark.

Well we came across this little phone - HTC Desire 510 and its so far pretty neat. 4G, 8GB, expandable slot and very bright screen. The sounds not as good as the other HTC's due to one of the speakers being on the back but other than that she seems very happy.

We paid £15 to get it unlocked. So for £125 she's got a brand new 4g phone - not bad at all. If you already had an 02 sim it would be £10 cheaper.
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Screen resolution

480 x 854 pixels


otherwise I love HTC quality.
I love htc phones. Nice find
Really need a flash for the camera.
Not bad HTC software optimisation is really good so this should just fly and new snapdragon 410 chipset should give it slight boost in performance to the 400 found in motog and other similar smartphone. Removeable replaceable battery and sd card slot coupled with 4g seems a decent phone for £100 online now. HTC unlocks are cheap too check out eBay should be done for a few quid. But screen is lower resolution than the motog and fixed focus 5mp camera without flash us a disappointment but it does record 1080p video and has a very fast camera so it's not all bad. It will be up to you to to to think if this is for you slightly cheaper than motog 4g
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Online only £99.99
What size sim does this take??
Seems good but so many limitations
Comparison of HTC with Moto G 4G…355

4.7" vs 4.5"
854 pixels vs 1280 pixels
Front Camera 0.3MP vs 1.3MP
No Flash vs LED Flash
Video 1080p vs 720p
Battery Removal vs Non-Removal
DLNA, NFC vs None

Matching Specs
Quad Core 1.2Ghz
8 GB Internal Storage
SD Card
5 MP Camera

I assume Moto G 4G costs more than HTC
its a micro sim, so she needed an adapter as she had a nano sim previously.

It is still £99.99 in store but my wife needed an 02 sim.
well the moto g 4g from was £40 more, and I know the spec was higher but the display didn't seem as large as the one the one you've put up nor did it seem very bright at all.
64 bit CPU aswell
Full specs here.

I love htc phones. Nice find

had an iPhone 3g but since then ive always had Samsung phones, then I got an htc desire as a temp measure - what a load of rubbish - awful skin and totally illogical setup. Also the back and home buttons like the sony's take up some of the screen. after 2 months its now filed in a draw

pretty sure this phone and the desire has the stupid restricted storage where you cant move apps to the sc card

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it is a great deal and 4g to boot, however, I have both the moto g 4 g and the missus has the htc. the only negative i could honestly find with the HtC was the screen res and the speaker is a lot louder and better on the Moto g. I prefer the moto g due to its lack of bloatwear but the missus loves her HTC and the nice little clips when checking the weather.... horses for courses..... BTW forgot to add she is in O2, i got mine on tesco mobile and paid £1.90 for an unlock code of ebay so my moto g set be back 136.90

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64 bit CPU aswell

Irrelevant and pointless and considering HTC's criticism for Apple for using 64bit and saying it's pointless smacks of hypocrisy.
My Daughter had this phone and loved it. Now after problems with her i phone and Apples dire customer care. She is going back to android as soon as her contract ends in a couple of months. This is a great find
A really great phone for the price, however Vodafone Smart 4 Turbo (£75, or less with Tesco voucher) and EE Kestrel (£90) are both cheaper 4G phones, with camera flashes and better screen resolutions. And of course an extra £30 gets you the Moto G 4G. So this kind of falls in the middle for me, without being clearly better than any of these others.
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Seems good but so many limitations

I agree to some extent, but the phone is targetting a certain kind of user with this kind of budget that won't mind too much.

For my usage, the phone would have been perfect if the screen resolution/pixel density was better & it had a camera flash - so only 2 limitations for me, which some others may not even mind.

The Vodafone & Kestrel phones (mentioned by ClemFandango) are putting me off for a couple of other reasons! Plenty of very good value Chinese phones to choose from the Far East as well (e.g. on dealxtreme, antelife, etc), but there's one thing or the other putting me off with them too - mostly battery power.
the kestrel phone is decent. i got used to the screen ressultion not being as good as the moto g
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