HTC Desire C £40 @ Asda instore

HTC Desire C £40 @ Asda instore

LocalFound 11th Jun 2014
This went hot a few months ago when it was reduced from £80 to £45. Now has an extra £5 off. Seen in asda shore rd. Its on T-Mobile
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Thanks will try and find one tomorrow,

good as a first android mobile

Great for that sorta price.
Thanks OP
it's a cracking price, but mine went in for repair 3 times in the first year, luckily it has a 2 year warranty with it.
Here's the specs.

Has microSD slot, but only 4GB memory and 512MB RAM. Not bad at all for the price though.
good phone but a very slow phone
Called up asda park royal store, they said they don't have any htc in stock. I asked are they expecting delivery they said yes but can't confirm if this will be included. asked can you request this, she said no she can't manufacturer knows when we are out of stock and they send when we run out of stock. At this point I gave up, what a waste of time!

Please let me know if any in stock around west london area.

Called up watford as well, same disinterested response from there. Useless customer support.
I had a T-Mobile Sensation and it was so full of unremovable bloatware it was practically unusable ("Loading" circle or HTC screen displayed for 20-30 seconds at a time..) I'd be wary of any Android phone with T-Mobile on it. And you can forget about getting any updates.

Switched to an unlocked one (different phone) and it runs like a dream!
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It very difficult for supermarkets to reserve or put aside smaller items - and also sometimes they don't have all the information when stock will be arriving. Also how would they know exactly what is being delivered in their lorry - only head office will have that sort of information.
i need a smartphone to use as a slave for tethering - i would pay this price, but i would probably prefer one that is still being developed and it appears this one isnt (just to make it more usable).

I'm guessing Moto E is going to be the cheapest option for me...
OOS in all the Asdas I called
Great phone.
I found one on Vodaphone at my local asda today, it was scanning at £145!!! oO

I'd say you have virtually no chance of finding a T-Mobile one.
Any1 seen 1 in east London

Any1 seen 1 in east London

c u l8r
@ afsar

As this is an old model, and based on the recent mobile phone deals @ Asda, they are obviously clearing stock.

Wise up!
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