HTC Desire Graphite £20 P/M 24 months
HTC Desire Graphite £20 P/M 24 months

HTC Desire Graphite £20 P/M 24 months

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Just got offered this by three as an upgrade from 3 but bearing in mind I've been with them for three years:

HTC Desire Graphite free
500 minutes
5000 three to three minutes
5000 texts
1 GB unlimited data
Unlimited Windows Live Messenger, Skype calls and Twitter posts
Delivered for £1.95 by Thursday at earliest

Supposed £10 discount but may not be widley available


Wow how did you get that. They only offered me it at £22 a month with lower texts and minutes. Trouble is Three are out of stock. What delivery date did you get?

Did you have to barter hard for this deal??

Just in the Q now to see if I can get a similar deal. Hot but upgrade deals are hit and miss

I would only vote hot if you manage to get the deal.

Good deal. I love my Desire. I dont think they'll ever be as good as an Iphone, but their not far short for a lot cheaper.

Has anyone else managed to get this? The Beepy thread now states a 10 week wait!

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I got a delivery date of 8th of July posted this a soon as I got off
the phone so must have sold out quick. Am in the last month of
contract which could be a factor also I quoted a deal from tmobile of
300 minutes unlimited texts and 1 GB of usage and said if they
couldn't beat it I'd have to leave so he offered me that and I took it
straight away! I found the tmobile deal using omio.com good way of
finding deals, it was a non redemption so I would happily have gone
there xD
Good luck Dr_Frankenstien

I may cancel my order and ask for a better deal. I am not happy with 300 texts. Would be useful to have a mate who got this deal. Then I have a bargaining chip! Still not happy with my end of July delivery date. I doubt it will arrive July 8th on your order. let me know if it does.

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I did also get that deal quoted then called back the next day and said that if they couldnt beat the deal could they put me through to disconections and hey presto he gave me it xD

Hmm might call em now.

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also it is in stock as on the three site its saying earliest delivery tuesday 13th

I think the deal is not bad as 3 offers this phone for more than £30 on their website.

I tried calling them for this deal and they refused bluntly to match it. I have ordered frome2save on Sunday. They are sending mobile on Wednesday. Overall £25 a month but 15 months half price line rental by redemption. Unfortunately they had to call me to confirm some details. I may lose my quidco. grrrr.
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