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Refurbished HTC HD HD2 Phone T8585 Microsoft Windows Mobile - Black (Unlocked) £6.50 @ ebay / mobstars

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

The phone is on sale for £6.50. This is a refurbished device in a very good condition.

added by @eshanmistry73

This device is in VERY GOOD cosmetic condition. No scratches visible on the screen. There might be some minor signs of wear such as light scratches and/or scuffs on the cover but nothing that will impair the functionality of the device and it comes with 12 Month Warranty. The battery health will be a minimum of 80%.

This item is supplied with a USB cable only - plain box, no plug, or any further accessories.

Important to note
Due to old model and Windows update, this device will be Compatible for Calls & Texts only.


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    I bought one of these last week, to use simply as a phone. I love it. It is better than I thought. Given the price, I thought it would do calls and that was all, but it also has basic apps such as Google, the weather, calculator, diary, a camera etc. Great little phone if you are just looking for something basic. It wasn't new, but looked as good as new, and included a charger. If you are looking for something up to date and hi-tech, it is not for you, but otherwise I would highly recommend. And what a bargain!
    Thanks for the feedback but can you use apps like WhatsApp / Skype on this ?
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    this phone is 13 years old now... i can't imagine the batteries are still any good?
    But phones were more civilised back then, in that you could replace the battery.

    Some still available on eBay.

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    I am looking to get this phone for my 10 year old daughter to use.
    I am looking for a pay as you go sim. But it appears that most payg sims require you to buy monthly bundles which expire in a month.

    Is there a payg sim where i can just pay for what i use? I dont want to buy monthly bundles.

    Thank you.
    Check out rwg mobile
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    I always wonder where these refurbished phones come from? I mean, this guy sold (for now) 7300 of them. Is there a reason why they have been returned or sent to be repaired in that amount? But great find! Backup phone sorted!
    Backup with an expiration date, 3G will be fully switched off within about 2 years
  5. Avatar
    Burner, init
    noooo, it's a phone. you can't cook on it. hate to correct people every single time.
  6. Avatar
    Voted hot due to the low price. No idea if the phone is any good though. Congrats on your first post.
    I guarantee it's not any good, even Microsoft thought so when they abandoned the platform
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    How is a used 10 year old 3G Windows phone on ebay a deal? I keep seeing this same post month after month, the phone is not worth more than £6.50
    As a nice basic phone it's v. good
    What price an alternative ? £13 ~18 argos ?
    Had 3 , all been unmarked
    Managed to trade one in lasr week currys for pixel 6a (edited)
  8. Avatar
    XDA developers abused this phone 🙌🏼💥
  9. Avatar
    Isn't it worth it to use as a trade in against the regular Samsung offers?
    That's what I was thinking. I'm planning on buying the S23 Ultra when it's eventually released. Maybe an option to use this to benefit from their trade in offer for a good chunk off the price?
  10. Avatar
    Good find, cheap screen to use as a remote or Alexa device, Digital clock ect.
    Any ideas how to use it as a screen for a Raspberry Pi (et al)
  11. Avatar
    The description suggests they are only capable of text and calls
  12. Avatar
    Surely this is a perfectly good MP3 player and FM radio. It comes with 30 days free returns and delivered free. With the £2 topcashback deal today it's just over £4 for a nice little music player. Getting one for mother in hospital long term who can't use a phone. She can listen to the radio. Good find. Voted hot.
  13. Avatar
    Oh boy does this bring back memories…
    I remember buying this on release day.
  14. Avatar
    removable battery. lol
    We need to go back to that!
  15. Avatar
    Super phone, I remember being able to flash android on this and making it a far better phone. Ohh the memories! Super post!
  16. Avatar
    would this phone do youtube?
    My space mate !
  17. Avatar
    On the tone of nostalgia....the k800i had an amazing camera with a xenon flash ..that and the n70 ...my two favourite phones.

    Jeez ordering a new phone on contract in those days got my heart racing. That and drawing up a £500 bill roaming on Orange by missed belling my now Ex whilst abroad - not realising it connected instead before hanging up....seemed romantic at the time .....till I got that bill (edited)
    Yes still have my K800i in its box
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    If you are a certain age, we all had phones like this with this case...
    48870612-ZcrFQ.jpg...and SIM cards looked like this...
    48870612-Ucx0O.jpg...and this is how we got our logos...
    48870612-ZoctI.jpgI even remember being able to interchange the mobile phone antennas with different coloured bands.
    Does that case protect the ground from getting damaged?
  19. Avatar
    Usb c ? Wireless charging? I guess are what’s missing from this
    But it has a headphone jack
  20. Avatar
    This was my most favourite phone! Bought with Mobile Windows and had just about every flavour of Android at the time using custom roms. I'm tempted to buy it and mount it in a case on the wall.
  21. Avatar
    Is this available?
    Wrong app, this is not Facebook marketplace.
  22. Avatar
    That's everyone's Xmas sorted.
    Hahaha, you're cruel
  23. Avatar
    Excellent for my medicinal distribution business.
    Isn’t it slightly bigger to tuck away
  24. Avatar
    This is worthless, an obsolete phone for 99.9% of people on the planet, I have an old one and it really is not worth being paid £50 to have one. Good in the day but come on, stop posting this as a deal
    I would be more than happy to have one AND accept the £50 - any payers / givers PLEASE!?
  25. Avatar
    Nice wee music player perhaps?
  26. Avatar
    Being waiting 12 years but nearly at my biting point
  27. Avatar
    Blast from the past
  28. Avatar
    Ah, when WAP meant something completely different!
  29. Avatar
    Still got one of these with the official HTC leather pouch too, dual booted Windows Phone and Android. They were such a 'weapon' of a phone back in the day thanks to XDA developer forums, back when things changed rapidly with innovation and times were very exciting in the tech world
    Can you put Spotify on this? Cheap music player for 9 yo I'm thinking. Thanks
  30. Avatar
    I used to love my HD2. I remember playing with roms and was all over XDA Developers. Was great fun.
  31. Avatar
    It does have some noteable positives all in the same handset, that most modern phones don't...
    + 3.5mm jack
    + MicroSD card slot
    + Removable battery
    + Compact size, easily pocketable
    + Stereo FM radio with RDS
    + SUPER-duper cheap!

    Alternatively, can be used as a cheap security / webcam - instructional video from 14 years ago...
  32. Avatar
    Back in time it cost £1000
    No way? surely it was around the £500ish mark?
  33. Avatar
    Trade in option ?
    send them frying pan to swap on Not, its too expensive this days, such as tefal
  34. Avatar
    The HTC flip clock - simply the best. Anyone know how to get it on my Pixel 6? I've tried various apps that don't flip and are generally poor.
  35. Avatar
    These phones can be used as a weapon, someone threw mine across a room and it left a hole in the wall (edited)
  36. Avatar
    I was using these to get the 200 quid trade in ,on the Samsung site.
    Did it work?
  37. Avatar
    no idea why this keeps coming up as a deal. What is the use of this? Put a strap on it and treat it as a smartwatch? Idk
    Well i will respond to myself and @Twitch70 i suppose its better someone buys it to use it than it go to landfill. Alternatively, maybe some people are buying it to recycle the components to make a small profit. Imagine recycling a number of these, you will soon be rich!
  38. Avatar
    I LOVED this phone when I got it originally. This was a game changer for me
  39. Avatar
    Seeing this reminded me of all the hours/days/months I used to waste flashing Android ROMs to it from XDA Devs, only to find something had then stopped working. Happy days!
  40. Avatar
    probably not that bad for a music player with a fat sd card in it?

    probably not that bad for a music player with a fat sd card in it? (edited)
    You can say that twice
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