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Posted 3 December 2022

HTC HD HD2 Phone T8585 Microsoft Windows Mobile - Black (Unlocked) (Used) - £6.50 sold by mobsters @ eBay

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This is back in stock and is on sale for £6.50. HTC HD HD2 (BLACK) Windows Phone
GRADE A - Very Good Condition
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    cheap mp3 player Plus back up phone
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    Not really, I would use that to describe something that is relatively new that isn't useful or becomes obsolete, quickly. Surely this is the pretty much the opposite since it's had years of useful life and may still be used in some way well over a decade later?

    Saying that, I wouldn't buy it myself. (edited)
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    Not got one myself but these old phones are still loads better than the crappy nokia 105 that i was given as a works phone. Poor signal and going for new at 9.99 on ebay.

    Brought a nokia e72, spare battery and it was fine. Calls and txt only though. Cost around 9.99.

    Don't use it now as was given an iPhone instead but for 6 months it was great.
    E71/E72 were fantastic phones!
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    I bought one of those on 10th of October from the same seller. Never arrived. So SCAM alert ⚠️ 📢
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    Do people get these for trade in deals?
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    Would this be any good for my 9 year old? Who is constantly loosing things lol
    Probably not. Get something running Android rather than Windows Mobile - this phone was great for hobbyists and enthusiasts who could mod it to high heaven and dual boot Android / Linux / Vista / Whatever and play around with it.

    Your 9yr old probably wants to play Candy Crush
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    I remember around 10 years ago I had 2 of these. One was running android and the other was windows 98. xda developers was all over these because of how versatile these were. Fond memories. Lol

    Oh and defo heat from me for this price. Good job (edited)
    Can it run Heroes III on it?
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    I miss my HTC phones!
    So do I - the M8 was spectacular.
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    I'll need to put up a photo of my collection of old school handsets spanning the last 30 years
    Please don't!
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    These are so damm NICE. They feel great, nice size, beautifully made. It's just a pity there's not a lot you can do with them. Apart from using as a phone, camera and music player, that is.
    Google Maps still works.
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    Why will this phone not go away?
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    Gawd, where are they getting 'em from, hahaha!
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    The download links are dead on it though, looking for some working Android ROM, received the phone and it looks as good as New, wonder do they get it in such new like condition.
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    Htc used to make awesome phones.. there built quality were 2nd to none.
    I had HTC wildfire, desire , desire s, and incredible. All were awesome.
    Wish they were still actively in the mobile game
    They are they just don't sell much in the UK if anything. 

    Ive got a Desire 19+ in the household, bought via Amazon Germany £93 from this site via switchy.
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    Is weather app work on this?
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    The os and interface was just the best. Can some one just make launcher with the same features. These days with more power on our phones Devs have chosen to go for fewer animations and finding apps a chore. In this interface the weather animations were just the best and with the sliding bar at the bottom you could get to the apps you wanted with fewer clicks.
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    Fell off the back of a truck. Hey, I'm walking here .
    And still works unlike many more modern phones
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    Bad deal they'll be back every month for the rest of your life demanding another £6.50 for protection
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    I have fully working mint Nokia 930 , wonder how much that is worth
    How's the alarm clock on yours? Mine only worked 60% of the time.
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    Do you have to put this one on speaker and shout at it in the middle of a shop with a 1 metre distance?
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    My HTC Titan was a beast.
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    Wow…trip down memory lane!!

    Upgraded from this to the HTC HD7 (which came with a built in kickstand) (edited)
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    It says "Due to old model and Windows update, this device will be Compatible for Calls & Texts only."
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    Technically this thing will run ubuntu!
    And Firefox OS. Think the Android ports are the most stable though.
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    wow, i think those are the ones i sent back. Cant be used in trade ins but great phones I kept 2 for testing. Love old HTC phones
    I bought two of these recently with the thought in the back of my mind that I could use them for trade ins! I was hoping to use them for the recent Google Pixel phone but they wouldn’t be accepted! For future reference, can anyone suggest the cheapest phone fir a future trade in!? Thanks in advance.
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    Do they support G4

    I mean 4G

    Dyslexia (edited)
    Available for calls and texts only
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    Must be a millionaires by the time
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    Ordered one to toss in a go bag with a pay as you go sim, seems to function well enough and you can get spare batteries, heat added
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    Bought two. Handy for spares.
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    I used to buy those cheap as no one wanted windows phone and install android on it and resale. Probably done over 15 of them
    Great! Can you please link to stable android ROM? Also there way to install rom on these from MAC or without PC? I can see lot of tools not working in latest Mac os version
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    Damned I missed this phone. Was always getting asked if it was an iPhone.

    This is one of the greatest phones ever made :-)
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    Put memory map v5 mobile via pocket pc and .qct os maps that you can get from a 2013 torrent and you can use this as a navigation device for walking had this and the predecessor the touch hd before mmtracker was released on android
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    Just got mine delivered from seller, considering the age looks like new (edited)
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    Recived mine too. Its running windows os 5.5
    But the latest update for it is 6.5

    These phones have never been used
    Mine is running 5.2.21913 and also looks unused.
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    Opened maps, showed Sydney in Australia. I am guessing they are non sold models from there. Regardless. The nostalgia is so real. Will attempt to flash android 5 today. Ideally android 7 would be the choice, but there isnt anything stable. Can see a few android 5 roms. Having older tech that works, anything below android 5 is unusable.

    Latest 5.1.1

    Post in thread '[Oct 17,2015][L 5.1.1][ CM12.1][SLIMLP][Unofficial] Kernel 3.0.101 [ION]' forum.xda-developers.com/t/o…129 (edited)
    My Google Maps was Seattle based but in settings the region was Australia.
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    What can you do with this?
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    Just put win mobile 7.8 on, easy enough process
    48991241_1.jpg (edited)
    Any instructions? I'm probably gonna turn it on to an mp3 but would like to see how this looks
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    What’s the best way to turn this into a Bluetooth MP3 player? Anyone got any instructions/pointers?