HTC One max Screen Protector 7p delivered @ HTC

HTC One max Screen Protector 7p delivered @ HTC

Found 5th Jan 2015
Just received mine today with free delivery, for 7p you can't go wrong
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Whoops, I hit cold by mistake! Sorry op. Its actually free delivery.
Why is this cold?
probably because not many people have a HTC 1 Max.. hot from me though
I don't have HTC but good deal
Thanks jmax1. The HTC One max seemed to be a much overlooked phone. I'm very happy with mine.
excellent price, ordered a few.
hi is it fits for htc one m8? pls help

hi is it fits for htc one m8? pls help

Hi there, unfortunately this doesn't fit the HTC One M8
delivery £1.79 ????? not free
I can confirm this will fit other phones with the help of scissors.

delivery £1.79 ????? not free

it's free. just add to basket and select free delivery option and can pay via paypal.. it is delivered from expansys.

you can also get from expansys website.…ng/

delivery £1.79 ????? not free

Helps if you actually go through to the checkout before making comments like this.
Perfect! My One Max's screen protector was getting pretty manky!
I wish I found it earlier. got scratch on screen now but ordered any way. thanks OP
So worth the money, I thought I had cracked my screen the other day, though when I peeled off the protector to replace it, it was fine, 7p is a bargain x
excellent although the handset is not popular my sister has one.
Mines a HTC m8 one, but at 7p I'm willing to have a stab at trimming it down lol! Got one on now, but can't get rid of the huge bubble in the corner, nd don't want to compromise the protection after dropping my phone a while back and the screen protector taking the impact and saving my screen. Worth every penny, even at full price. Heat added.
product no longer exists

product no longer exists

Yep. Not surprised at 7p.

Couldn't find it on Expansys either. Time to expire.
there'll be loads on eBay pretty soon I'm guessing
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