HTC One X on 02 free 200 mins + 500mb data +250 o2 to o2 mins

HTC One X on 02 free 200 mins + 500mb data +250 o2 to o2 mins

£21.50O2 Deals
Found 6th May 2012
There is a upfrnt cost for this phone of £104.99 but i've just managed to get £50 credit on my account and I went to purchase the phone via quidco so potentially another £50 pounds there.

What I did was a chat online with the operator and asked what the best deal you could do for me and after a bit of haggling manage £50 off. I can send my chat history to anyone want to see. I think I got a good deal..

Android™ 4.0 with HTC Sense™ 4
Quad-core performance
8 megapixel advanced camera with HTC ImageSense™
Beats Audio™ for authentic studio sound

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The HTC One X is HTC's most-advanced smartphone yet. The large screen and the powerful quad-core processor make it perfect for gaming, watching videos and surfing the net. The advanced camera technology with HTC ImageSense™ allows you to take great-quality pictures in any conditions. Beats Audio™ integration provides an advanced audio experience and with the HTC Media Link HD (accessory sold separately), you can share anything from your phone and view it on your TV.


cool! a free phone for £104.99!


So......not actually free as stated in the title then......???


please show your chat history

£21.50 x 24 months = £516 - £50 (if you're haggling is successful) = £466 - £50 quidco (possibly) = £416.

Too many unknowns.


£21.50 x 24 months + 104.99 = £516 - £50 (if you're haggling is su … £21.50 x 24 months + 104.99 = £516 - £50 (if you're haggling is successful) = £570.99 - £50 quidco (possibly) = £520.99.Too many unknowns.

Corrected for you.

Wouldn't be a bad deal with a free handset

£21.50 - £6.00 (data from first month- I've done this twice!) = £15.50 * 24 = £372 + £104.99 = £476.99 - £50 (from o2 as credit on account in second month - I confirm this too) = £426.99 - £50 (from Quidco - Mine has tracked, but did all this for the galaxy note)

= £376.99 for the HTC One X handset
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