HTC Touch Diamond - 18m Orange - £16.66 + £50 cashback Quidco
HTC Touch Diamond - 18m Orange - £16.66 + £50 cashback Quidco

HTC Touch Diamond - 18m Orange - £16.66 + £50 cashback Quidco

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HTC Touch Diamond

Orange Dolphin £30 - 18 Months
400 mins
3000 texts

8 months FREE line rental
= £240 by redemption so effectively £16.66 / month

*** 18 Month Cheque Back Terms and Conditions

Send your 9th, 12th, 15th and 18th monthly bills within 60 days of the date stated on the relevant redemption claim form, to us and we will credit you by cheque with 25% of the total amount at each redemption period*

This will save you the stated amount over the 18 month duration of the contract.

Also cancel the 3 month free insurance as soon as you get the phone

Includes 3 Months FREE Insurance

P4U cannot arrange to Port your number on Vodafone and O2 for website sales


Is this phone any good?

not in comparison to the Touch Pro & Touch HD

ooo its getting cheaper and cheaper. The cheapest deal on the internet was £20/month when I signed up in September. Its a ok phone, I had it for a month but I haven't really used it at all. The battery gets a little warm, signal bar reception is not as good as other phone, and battery life is not that good. I guess I just don't have time to play with a new phone, it is ALOT smaller than my old HTC phone so its quite handy.

It's a pretty good phone, battery life not great but it's thin, pretty good looking with pretty much all the toys you would ever want on a phone. Now it's cheap too.

i would read the other phones4u cashback deals before you jump in as people aren't getting thier forms through

edit - example hotukdeals.com/for…e=9


i would read the other phones4u cashback deals before you jump in as … i would read the other phones4u cashback deals before you jump in as people aren't getting thier forms throughedit - example http://www.hotukdeals.com/forums/showthread.php?t=248635&page=9

Can anyone recommend whether it is a good phone or "Touch Pro" is better choice?

Any good deals for Touch Pro???

I got the T-Mobile compact IV which is esentially the same but looks nicer, I have updated the ROM on mine to a custom one which performs a lot faster. I get good reception with the upgrade. Only downside is battery life but if you remember to charge its not a problem.

I'm on a 12 month contract on Tmobile with 500 minutes and 375 texts for £35 a month. I got £40 quidco and £60 auto cashback. All from Beepy.co.uk. Pretty damn good deal, good phone, fast when you do some modifications and works out cheaper over the term to go 12 months than 18 and your not tied down so long if you dont like it.

is this phone unlock or can it be unlock?

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Currently owning an HTC Wizard which is quite bulky, works superbly and needs charging every nite, I thought the Touch Diamond would be a vast improvement

I had asked, maybe a couple of months back now, what were the alternatives to the Wizard and this phone was recommended to me

I have kind of been after one ever since

But, I guess if its so cheap - £16 IS cheap, there must be a reason for it

I have had a look around a lot of review sites and the conclusion seems to be - is it nice to handle, has all the features u every need, has WM6 as a massive benefit over the iPhone OS

BUT its sluggish and eats the battery like mad

The best advice seems to be, for those capable, to "head over the XDA developers forums where there are loads of people tweaking all the performance and battery issues on this phone"

1 reviewer reported back, "it's definitely been worth it (for now!) because the machine is sleek, works very well and has everything I could ask for in a phone and more."

I hope that answered ur questions


silly question....do they offer the 14 day return policy?

whoops, gt the answer...silly me

7 day Peace of Mind Guarantee.

*Phones 4u offers you a period of 7 working days after the date of delivery (not including the day of delivery) to inform us of your intention to return an item, and a further 7 days to return the purchase to us. Your purchased item must be in perfect condition, in the original packaging and we will refund your purchase. Just keep your receipt and all you will be charged for is the line rental used and any calls made (if applicable).

You will need to obtain returns authorisation from the Phones 4u Direct Support. The purchased item must reach our warehouse within 14 days of connection otherwise the return will not be processed, and the item will be returned to yourself.

Just watch out. This is an internet enabled phone - You will end up using the internet on it!

I don't think the Orange tarrifs are particularly good in this area. The cap is low and the cost when you go over is high compared to other networks.

can some one tell me please can it be unlock or is it unlocked?
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