HTC VIVE £632.50 @ PC World - business

HTC VIVE £632.50 @ PC World - business

Found 27th Dec 2016
Full virtual reality experience at home

110° field of view for captivating immersion

Includes everything you need to run VR on your PC

32 headset sensors for 360° motion tracking
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Should probably mention the price is exc. VAT in the title.
I tried it at GAME and it was sort of cool but the whole package would cost more than a grand for a newcomer to have everything running.
Full experience would be WIRELESS which adds 200 quid on top.
Or £659 via the normal consumer site inc. VAT.
Cool piece of kit, the key thing is the additional requirement of a pretty powerful computer/laptop to run the programs..
A place local to me has a few of these set up at £20/hr.
Seems ok, but nothing to really grab you yet.
Would probably need a decent gaming chair too for driving/flying games.
Kids play "Shop Assistant" more than anything
I've got one. A great bit of kit, and some great games. It's turned my non-gaming wife, into a gamer chick now. It all depends on the games that you play.

Plus with a bit of know how, you can make AAA games work with it, to give you some really good 3D goggles.
Loving the vive, my kids are addicted to Snow Fortress and eve Valkyrie.
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