HTC Vive Headset at Overclockers for £608.69

HTC Vive Headset at Overclockers for £608.69

Found 25th Aug 2017
Looks like the price of this headset may be on its way down.

Best price I have ever seen this headset for but you may be better waiting and seeing if it comes down again.

Thought I would post anyway for anyone looking for one now.
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It's officially £599 from Htc and
Press release from HTC other day states £599.99 is new RRP.

But then again this price from OCUK is made up from their extortionate Postage Costs.

Wouldn't surprise me if loads started buying it at its new RRP they then wack the price up by another £100 saying it was only a price drop from HTC for a very small window of time..
I'd be interested in getting one of these but my current PC isn't up to it, could anyone recommend a good place to look for deals on PCs? Lots of laptops on here but not many desktops that I can find. Any advice gratefully received!
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