HTC Wildfire 24m contract 500mins 5k texts 1gb internet £20 per month @ three
HTC Wildfire 24m contract 500mins 5k texts 1gb internet £20 per month @ three

HTC Wildfire 24m contract 500mins 5k texts 1gb internet £20 per month @ three

Buy forBuy forBuy for£20
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With the Internet Texter 500 you get:

* 500 minutes (anytime, any network)
* 5000 texts
* 1GB internet

* 5000 Three-to-Three minutes
* Voicemail

* £5 Monthly Discount
* 2 months Free Spotify Premium
* Free PAYG SIM for a friend

* Free Twitter


But can you get those on 3 at £20 a month?

Personally I would go for the X10 Mini at this price point - same price, same tariff.

Not voted either way.

Great .... if you can get a reception.!!!:(


Great .... if you can get a reception.!!!:(

To be honest I've been with them in the past and they are no worse than Orange are who I'm with now, and I travel around a lot..
Do you live in a well

I think the t-mobile deal is slightly better:

Htc wildfire
600 x-net minutes
500 text
unlimted internet
plus one booster: Either unlimited landline calls/ on-net calls or text.

Makes the plan more flexible for those light texters and prefer something else. Same price at £20 - 24 months. Link

Best thing is that you don't have to suffer from '3' rubbish customer service. =)

affordablemobiles have the desire for the same price, not as many texts or minutes but depends what you need fro your phones


be better off with a HTC legend, desire or desire HD

Not necessarily. My son-in-law has the Desire, and it is a good phone but it is BIG. My last phone was a Touch Pro 2, another good phone but BIG too. The Wildfire is a great little phone, with little being the operative word. It is just big enough to be useful as a smartphone (I tried the X10 mini but that was far too small).

OK you would struggle to watch videos on the screen, but I have had smartphones for 10 years and haven't watched on yet, and it will not play some games (Angrybirds for one) but for the price it is excellent!

I bought it for £180 on 3 payg then £20 to unlock it, put a 12 month Vodafone sim only £15 (£90 quidco) sim card in it and it makes this deal look a little expensive

Tonight I upgraded my wife's phone on 3 (1 week to end of contract). theygave me:

Sony x10 mini pro

1200 any netwrrk minute
2000 landline minutes
5000 3 to 3 minutes
3000 texts
1 gb internet

all for £24 pm on 24 month contract.

I though this was excellent.
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